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 The oldest thing this earth has ever known is the power of the nature that surrounds it. Mother nature is amazing and in this modern age, is mostly always taken for granted. Either that or it is altered in such a way that can be harmful. Anything abused can be dangerous but different things have different “levels” of abuse.


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At we make sure you stay as safe as possible and also recommend you talk to your doctor and get a general check up (always safe) DISCLAIMER.

Most people do not appreciate or entertain the thought that nature has graced us with many gifts. Most tend to seek out the negatives, mother nature gives us; tornadoes, volcanoes, pests, disease etc.


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She also has an amazing side to her and one that I have recently come across is a plant known as Mitragyna speciosa aka Kratom. If you have never heard the word kratom, you may find that it could help you in many ways. Explore everything at and find out what Kratom is all about! I have also much more video blogging coming up on my youtube channel. Just hit the video section on the header at the top of the page or youtube channel. Questions in the comments sections will be answered but until than see the FAQ to see if I have not already answered your question. Buy Kratom Now

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Kratom has impacted my life tremendously and I must share with you what this amazing plant is, and what it has done for me. Make sure to check the beginners guide if you are new to kratom. In this bible that is surrounded purely on kratom you will find everything that you need. It covers what kratom is, What it does/ kratom effects, who its for, top recommended kratom vendor, why I pick my recommended vendor and my personal experience with the plant. I have been burning Kratom to ease my anxiety and raise motivation.



83 Responses

  1. Jacquelynn Campbell says:

    Can some one help me with the best combination for chronic pain?? I’ve been on Fentynal and Vicodin since 1995. Please help!! The pain is just unbearable..

  2. If it takes 5 yo 6 g to get good effects, after 4 to 5 hrs. How many should I take at a time through out the day to feel good? P
    S. Coming off Norco Thanks!

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  4. Marlene Beeson says:

    Help me figure out what is right for me, there are so many choices I’m getting stress and having an anxiety attack omg! Isn’t there a starter pack

  5. JessyV says:

    Not sure about Cbd but the kratom definetly will help.

    Get better soon !

  6. Denise Werner-Hansen says:

    I bought some Kratom for insomnia and CBD for pain. I am assuming I can use both at the same time and they both will help me wean off the opiods.

  7. JessyV says:

    Sorry for late reply.

    Buy a capsule maker and make your self. Very simple :) I may have a section on that.

    Search “capsules” in search. I know botanical kratom has some.

  8. JessyV says:

    I think we hold the same world view !

    Everything popular (today) is wrong.

  9. Carl says:

    HI,I;m new to Kratom, in fact waiting for my first order to arrive. I didn’t know anything about Kratom until a couple days ago. I was on You Tube looking at videos on insomnia cures, and watched a few videos on Kratom, I haven’t tried it yet but from what I read it sounds amazing.

    I started thinking, you never see or hear anything about Kratom on TV, radio, newspapers , magazines, because they are controlled by the same people that control big pharma, the last thing they want is for people to use a natural plant to cure or alleviate a wide range of illnesses instead of buying their chemical concoctions.

    I am happy that I found this website it is very informative and educational .

  10. dana e morgan says:

    i want to buy kratom in capsule form only-can you recommend a good vendor for that??thanks for all the info—-

  11. Kathleen says:

    I was still taking three 15 mg oxycodone a day and was in my second trimester. My first son was born with NAS due to my pain mgmt while I was pregnant with him. I wanted to stop but could NOT wean down. I was lost until a nurse I know introduced me to kratom. After one dose I didn’t need the oxy any longer.. mind you I do have to take at least one small dose a day but I’m confident this baby will be born healthy and happy. I know there’ a no FDA knowledge but that’s because no one would make money if kratom was FDA approved for anything. We just have to go by each other’s research to know the truth. I’m on a couple of kratom moms groups and almost nothing but positive experiences. I know for sure if I took oxy instead that this baby would be born with NAS as well. Now it’s not an issue.

  12. JessyV says:

    This I have never heard of. I know that drugs are hard on the liver so if she had passed problems this could come into play.

    Perhaps get a liver exam if you are worried. I would do more research on this, but sometimes articles can be made for fear. Not saying this is the casE.

    Interested as to what others know, this is the first I personally hear of this.

  13. Karla says:

    I read an article this morning on a kratom user of only 2 & a half weeks and she ended up in the hospital with severe liver damage and I have been for the last several days experiencing most of the same symptoms this girl had and I am pretty new to kratom only about 2 weeks and very low dose has anybody else heard of this I’m beginning to freak out!!

  14. Ariana says:

    Whenever I am in a bad mood or just a bit stressed
    light exercise always improves my mood (although it does
    this even if i’m in a good mood). I personally
    love yoga, but walking is great too. Especially
    since I can take my daughter along. I love reading, it tends to get me out of my head when I am stressed out.

  15. Laura says:

    I must say, Kratom is by far the most incredible thing that has happened to me. I have been on Suboxone for years. Well I decided that I was done, but the withdrawal is horrendous. Well I started on 9 grams of Red Vein Bali from the first day of withdrawal. I have had absolutely no withdrawal!! Hard to believe but it’s true. Kratom has saved me from months of misery. Thank you so much for all of the information you give.

  16. Claudia Baker says:

    The Kratom Bible saved my life 2 years ago. Now when people ask where I got my information or how did I start, i refer them to to this. After over 15 years on Morphine, I got on Kratom and have never looked back.. I change my strains up. But I learned from this website amx try to help others

  17. JessyV says:

    I have sent you an email. Take care Monica

  18. Monica Jesse says:

    Hi, I watched your video and am awe!!! This is exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t want to use opiates, have some around but take them as a last resort. Not hooked thank GOD. I have Lupus and have incredible pain thru out my body. Muscles, bones, spine, hips, and days when I cannot even get out of bed. I heart you speak of “red” kratom. I am looking to ease this excuse me “God Damn” pain and even have some euphoria which I haven’t had in years. Weed is ok, but doesn’t really address the pain the way I hoped. I live in Nevada and weed (recreational) will be legal by jan 2017 but just don’t want to go that route. I don’t do Face book sorry so an email would be greatly appreciated. My daughter died a year and 1/2 ago from opiates and I won’t go that route. If you can help, I bless you.

  19. Ive used kratom to help get off heroin and other opiates. It truly saved me, i couldnt quit for the life of me and kept getting worse and worse. It helps with the withdrawal symptoms and makes the transition quick and smooth. I would highly recommend a red strain for this purpose.

  20. Christina Nicole says:

    Hi JesseV,
    I came across your video on fasting about a week ago. I have been reading/watching you on YouTube since. The first video on kratom bible is shorter than the same video viewed on YouTube. In the video you specifically mentioned caffeine and I believe, L- Glutamine. I can no longer find that full video. I started adding 2 grams a day to my fasting. I wanted to know more as to why L-Glutamine is a part of the fast, other than its amazing muscle support, is this specifically for those that hit the gym hard? Or, is there another reason it was mentioned? I am also a Kratom Connoisseur, I have been taking kratom for 6 years now. I have always been devoted to Maeng Da. I noticed you mentioned you were using it in another video. I have a curious question for you, as I research the effects on others, between the white and green strains. I find the green to give me more mental focus, and a stronger appetite supressant, however, I get very nauseated while taking it through the day. With the white, I have a lot of energy and take it throughout the day with no problems, also a great appetite suppressant, but feel scatter brained. What is your experience with the 2 strains?

  21. Awesome resource! I can say kratom has improved my life immensly, from making me more social to helping me be far more productive! Thank you for this resource also the quality from happy hippo is the BEST on the internet. I’ve sampled more than 5-10 kratom vendors and happy hippo has the best quality for the price.

  22. Travis says:

    Hey Jesse just wanted to say thanks for being so insightful on this blessing from the gods. It has helped me live a normal pain & anxiety free life without pills or the negative side effects not to mention I don’t have to have it to get out of bed cuz the addiction is not there. But that’s for another testimony. Thanks greatly for knowledge .

  23. JessyV says:

    Thanks Dan I appreciate that!

  24. dan says:

    hey man appreciate all your youtube videos and all the free information about kratom. keep it up!

  25. JessyV says:

    There is a newsletter right now. Sign up to be contacted when kratombible hosts contests for FREE Kratom

    Like now for example. View for details

  26. Kiersten says:

    I will immediately grasp your rss feed as I can’t to find your
    email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service.
    Do you’ve any? Please permit me know so that I may just subscribe.

  27. JessyV says:

    Yes, it is the way of the future, I believe, as we are all more health conscious now. Also normal pharmaceuticals are obviously destroying us. We have proof of it everywhere if one searches, not to mention the list of side effects mentioned on commercials for these drugs.

    Theres absolutely no problem, thank you for reading :)

    Have great holidays

  28. Chelsey says:

    Ok awesome thank you so much! We are definetly looking into natural suppliments fromantic now on. Thanks again

  29. JessyV says:

    Hey Chelsey

    No problem at all, I really hope it can help him as it has been helping other people (those other products)

    Now as for your dosage, instead of me writing it all out I will post the link to my Kratom Dosage Guide where you can find all of that information there :)

    Hopefully this helps, You are definetely not taking enough if you are not feeling the effects, up your dose for sure but do it hourly.

  30. Chelsey says:

    Wow jesse thanks for taking the time and interest to get this info for me!!! That is awesome I really appreciate it!!! I will definetly check it out I would really like to find something natural for him . I will Def keep you posted and let you know :)
    Now can I bother you withone more quick problem/question? ? Lol.
    I just personally tried kratom for the very first time 2 days ago. Used maeng da strain first thing in the morning and used not quite a teaspoon and had no pain releif or effects at all. I tried again about 4 hrs later with a bit less. ..and no effects. I tried again this morning with a smaller dose and same thing. I have different strains from 2 different vendors to try but I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong . Read lots of info but it can be confusing and I want so badly for this to be what helps my back pain/mood . Not gonna give up on it yet just wondering if I’m doing anything wrong? Thanks for your time!

  31. JessyV says:

    Yes sorry about he Chelsey, Although I do know of another natural supplement that has been proven to help kids with those symptoms…. IF you view this youtube video about these supplement and adhd perhaps you will find value in giving them to your child

    After you view the link that I will place at the end of this message you should refer back here for the following pages : (product info) (product store)

    Above are the informational things that you will need to order the supplement if you choose to after watching a couple of testimonies.

    Those supplements have helped many different people for many different ailments and I believe it could be the answer you are seeking for your child.

    Hope this helps again Chelsey, let me know what you decide to do and update me on the health of yourself and your child :)

    take care Chelsey.


  32. Chelsey says:

    Hey Jessy thanks for getting back to me wth that info. I really appreciate it! … I was just curious if it would be helpful in any way…. as my son had 3 diff perscriptions…2 of which are stimulants and it bothers me a little bit that he is on so much medication. So just searching for any other natural alternatives .
    Thanks again for the time and response. :)

  33. Amos says:

    Hi! This post could noot bbe written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of
    my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this.
    I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read.
    Many thanks for sharing!

  34. JessyV says:

    Hey Chelsey

    I think it better to not involve the kids in this just because nothing is proven yet and we don’t want to have kids suffer for our mistakes. However there are some kids who take it in MICRO amounts, but I cannot recommend you giving it to your child.

    If you were to, look for a alternative medicine healer and ask for his advice as to treating kids, it would definitely have to be lower dosage, but it could help the same as an adult, however the alkaloids affect a childs brain differently so this should be taken into consideration.

    Hope this helps Chelsey.


  35. Chelsey says:

    Thank you Jesse for the reply! Even tho its plant based I was thinking it was probably not recommended for children just due to their body weight and metabolism, etc but will definetly check back Sunday. Thanks again!

  36. JessyV says:

    Hey Chelsey,

    Unfortunately I would not be able to answer that question as I am unsure. I do see how it would help these issues considering the amount of focus that can be derived from certain strains, and the calming effects of others.

    However because it is considering a child I would really not be able to answer that question at this time, although I will ask the owner of the new vendor that I introduced to he works with hospitals with kratom and is qualified to answer this. Lookout sunday for my answer Chelsey.

    Take care.

  37. Chelsey says:

    Hi thanks for the great site and good info. Im new to the world of kratom. Waiting on my first order! I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about whether kratom in smaller doses could be used for children with ADHD, ODD, etc?? I have read numerous material suggesting it helps with ADD and ADHD in adults . Any info would be great to have. Thanks!

  38. JessyV says:

    HEy Aven

    The reason I stay away from extracts is because it is more potent raising the addiction rate which enhances the withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawals can be quite nasty if you are not sure what to expect. I personally have never had withdrawals on normal leaf, and I have never tried extracts purely for that fact.

  39. Aven says:

    Why stay away from extracts? That’s what I have been using :/

  40. JessyV says:

    I m not sure I understand the question completly .

    Take it slowly and you will be fine. Look for “beginners guide to kratom” on this site and you will have an idea. You will DEFINETLY feel it working towards your opiate withdrawals.

    Dont be scared man as long as you dont take to much you ont get sick. If you do accidentally take to much, you may throw it up….maybe not still, everyone is different.

    But once you throw it up (if you are going to be sick) you will feel good right after, just eat something and retry the next day at half the dose you did.

    I would suggest starting with one gram, than after 45 minutes assess how you feel, you can than upgrade my .5 grams every hour until you feel something…..first try DO NOT PASS 2.5 grams

    Hope this helps Sonny, take care!

  41. sonny says:

    Hey man i have some kratom rvb.I’m hesitating taking it first time.using it to stop opiate withdrawls .tell me why i need not to fear i can just get it over with.hurting. unit bro

  42. JessyV says:

    Hey at first I was getting a bit constipated but I found that introducing some fiber would help. Also more roughage in your diet than normally. In my experience tho this has settled. I do not have any more constipation while using kratom. But try adding a bit more fiber like metamucil or something of the sort

    There are other supplements that I am currently using that have immensely helped my digestive track however.

    Hope this helps and that you can be constipation free while still enjoying kratom!

  43. Alby says:

    Another query……anybody find that they get constipated while using
    kratom?? If so….any tips on alleviating that?

  44. Alby says:

    Thanks for the advice! Will try and let you know.

  45. JessyV says:

    oh damn, till the next day :S

    Perhaps you want to try taking kratom a different way than the toss and wash. Try mixing it with water or making it in a tea. Because it kinda counter productive to be taking something that hurts you, when it is suppose to help you.

    My suggestion would be either A try a differnt method of taking it, if it continues than maybe you should consult a doctor to see whats wrong with your stomache.

    Dont get scared now 😛 im just saying that if you want to keep taking kratom as the toss and wash just to see if your all good. If not perhaps kratom is not meant for you ??

    Some people recommend buying a capsule machine and making capsules but with this method your heartburn would just be worst because your body has to digest the “veggie caps” before it can get to the kratom.

    PS I quoted Veggie because there is definitely some sort of plastic in capsules all the same, so making it rather unhealthy.

  46. Alby says:

    Hi Jessy, I toss and wash .
    The heartburn usually starts hours later and lasts pretty much all the next day .

  47. JessyV says:

    Hey Alby,

    Yes I have witnessed some of that myself, the best thing honestly to do is chew gum! The saliva produced when chewing on gum is a natural acidic reducing substance. I personally chew on extreme mint gum (not recommened) but the problem is that mint can cause heartburn as well.

    I do find that when I do get some heartburn I will chew gum and it alleviates it.

    How do you take your kratom ?

  48. Alby says:

    Wondering if anyone gets heartburn after using kratom? If so, any remedies
    for alleviating this?

  49. Yves says:

    Great posts & niche. I been hearing a lot about Kratom lately. I actually had someone who wanted me to help them sell the product because they were telling me that a lot of people are having good health & mental benefits from taking Kratom. Im actually looking into it myself.

    I totally agree with you in that a lot of people focus too much on the negative sides of nature & not the positive. I believe a lot of the answers that we are looking for are found in mother nature rather than modern medicine especially when dealing with certain diseases & even mental health. I look forward to seeing future posts here & will bookmark

  50. Jeffrey says:

    Awesome post. Kratom Is something I wished I would of heard of years ago. I’m a coffee junkie and have always been trying to find substitutes. Kratom might become my next substitute to try. Thanks for the great info! Jeffrey

  51. JessyV says:

    Thank you !!

    Kratom definitely has its health benefits, especially with people with high stress levels pertaining to anxiety. Most people will consult doctors that are unfortunately told to prescribe a certain kind of DRUG, which then makes money for the economy, while killing the patient…. its the sad truth, and well luckily I found something that can personally help me without nasty side effects.

  52. Kseniya says:

    Hi Jessy,
    Very informative info on your site pertaining to Kratom! I’m a health junkie and this is actually the first time I’ve heard of this plant! I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this since I’m constantly looking to improve my health and increase energy levels. I’m a huge believer in alternative medicine as well. I used to drink too much coffee to count in a day, but now only do 1 cup, followed by tea throughout the day. Kratom is something that I would definitely look more into! Great information!

  53. JessyV says:

    it is the traditional way and modern times have taken us so far from it and has allowed the system to take advantage of us in so many ways…..not only kratom (instead of addictive prescription drugs) but things like vitamins and essential anti oxidants that our body needs to survive usually is not found in most of western civilization’s diets. This is why the supplementation industry is so huge….because it works…

  54. Emily says:

    Hi Jessy
    I have come to your site a few times so far so I am beginning to know a bit more about kratom. I remain with mixed feelings about it. Probably in part because I would still need to research it more. I am happy to see that it has helped you with anxiety however. I do agree with you however that Mother Earth gives us so much. There are so many natural remedies provided by Mother Earth that I think are worth exploring. It is the way our ancestors used to do it, it is the traditional way.

  55. Nick says:

    I never imagined a plant could change someone’s life so significantly. You learn new things everyday. This is a very interesting site.

  56. JessyV says:

    oh definetly Maximus !!!

    Nasty side effects occur with those drugs!!

    Take it slow though i cannot stress this enough.

    You must “introduce” kratom to your body slowly, i will be writing a blog on that tonight actually….will probably publish it this week.

    Because of your valium and xanax you may need to take a bit more to feel it but still…start with the 1 gram than up .5 every 30-45 mins until you feel great!

    trust me you’ll know!

  57. Maximus Proximo says:

    Thanks Jessy…….I’ll try the slow hippo for sleep. I go to sleep immediately but wake up about 3 every morning with anxiety and stay awake for 2 or 3 hours, also I make several bathroom trips since I’m 63 and my prostate is enlarged. I need the Kratom and use Phenibut for occasional days of stress and anxiety. This will surely beat Xanax or Valium.

  58. JessyV says:

    no problem Maximus!!

    Yea I would strongly suggest not taking it everyday because it will grow your tolerance.

    Also for sleep I would recommend maybe a slow kratom strain if you have trouble sleeping .

    If you have never taken kratom tho please see the beginners guide because you don’t want to overdose on kratom as it won’t be a nice feeling (nausea)

    The reason for this is because phenibuts tolerance builds quickly. So exhausting it for sleep is kinda bad since you could use it so many better ways.

    I would suggest “sleepy hippo” or any other Slow strain …. do not try it the first time for sleep..try in on a weekend where you have nothing to do to asses your tolerance and feeling for kratom!

    IF you take light doses it will give you a boost in energy (less so in slow strains) and high dose give you more sedation

    for a slow strain i like to take a moderate dose(for me 2.5-3.5 grams) to give me nice euphoria and all around great feeling.

  59. Maximus Proximo says:

    Hi Jessy…….I guess they were withdrawal symptoms, I had enjoyed what they did for me in social situations, so I kept taking them but only 2 a day. They were the precapped kind from Serious Nutrician Solutions XT. They help me sleep too. I may have to try the powder for Phenibut and Kratom after I finish my bottle. I will definitely order from you. For sure the withdrawals were awful, I learned my lesson the hard way. Thanks for the reply!

  60. JessyV says:

    Hey man.

    There isn’t a difference technically in capsules UNLESS you are buying them pre capped….

    Buy the powdered phenibut ( I obviously recommend Hippo Phenibut ) and kratom and make your own capsules.
    For two reasons.

    1. Most phenibut/kratom sold in caps usually are cheaper brands will probably not work (if they do very very weak)
    2. The amount of phenibut/kratom that is in the cap is far to small to gather a nice effect. Making your own allow you to have the correct amount of stuff you want in them and you can easily find your “sweet spot”

    And wow yes that is DEfinielty not recommended, did you develop a tolerance? those symptoms where definitely withdrawals.

    If you liked the phenibut effects however, you will love kratom as well, so following a kratom lifestyle with phenibut every other day is a safe way to stay calm and determined :)

  61. Maximus Proximo says:

    Does it make a difference if you take Kratom or Phenibut capsules? I made the mistake of taking Phenibut for 3 weeks straight then stopping. I got 2 dizzy spells, anxious, and my skin was horrible dry. Anymore I will take it 2 days a week only.

  62. I’m happy to see more natural remedies being arisen amongst the deadly chemical and pharmaceutical plague. Thank you so much for talking about this and sharing the information with others. I’m happy to see that this is helping people overcome illness and making their lives better. Keep up the great work!

  63. JessyV says:

    I have benn getting a lot of people saying kratom saving them lately !!

    Glad I could be of help :)

  64. Emanuel says:

    Finally I found a website with all the information that I was looking for.
    You have some great information here! I am just learning about, Mitragyna speciosa aka Kratom, so I learned a lot.
    You saved my day.

  65. JessyV says:

    Thank you for your feedback Melinda :)

  66. Melinda says:

    I watched a lot of your videos. I “liked” them too.
    ~ Melinda

  67. JessyV says:

    actually no Melinda…you ingest it…view the FAQ if you need more info but here ill give you the jist of it 😉

    basically for legal reasons most vendors sell it as incense … view the FAQ and or this video for a bit more perspective on it

    nothing to worry about tho :) just trying to protect a great plant that unfortunatly is being promoted wrongly and giving people problems…view my new kratom and withdrawal post it may help.

    but if you follow my guide and the way i take it you will not have ANY problems (STAY AWAY FROM EXTRACTS AND ENHANCED LEAVES)

    LUCKILY my recommend vendor feels the same as I do and is why it is my recommendation…they do not hold and extract or enhanced leaf so you are buying PURE kratom powder (in the best conssitency i have seen so far)

  68. Melinda says:

    So, let me see if I got this right (correct me if I’m wrong)..
    You burn it like incense and it “alters” (so to speak) your mood? I remember hippies back in the 60’s using incense to alter their moods, but it wasn’t plant based.
    Very interesting. :)
    ~ Melinda

  69. JessyV says:

    make sure to look at the kratom guide section on page 2 there is a post about kratom addiction. Technically kratom is as addictive as marijuauna and alcohol (perhaps even less).

    I have been taking kratom for about 8 months now…I didn’t take any today, decided to go on a tolerance washout (absolutely 0 withdrawals, and it was not hard to stop, i just didn’t take any)

    The thing about kratom thought is that its not a pleasant thing to do. Like smoking a cigarette or having a drink (if you like these things you TRULY ENJOY doing these things)

    As for kratom, it tastes HORRIBLE, so getting it down is a process, with that said. Just look at that negatively and you will never get addictied, thats the first thing I have told myself.

    Also I don’t personally know you BUT, if you take this with my recommendations and do EXACTLY what I did, you won’t get addicted (I did not and I tend to get addicted to things rather quickly)

    I would recommend trying a sample pack of 13-18$… Personally if you are using for pain, a Slow strain is what you need. Magic Hippo and or Bali Hippo will be great!! Along with Snuggie hippo.

    Hope this helps a bit, if you have any more questions feel free to ask or you can always email me, see the contact page :)

  70. Nicole says:

    Thanks for all of this information on Kratom. I’m really thinking of perhaps trying this product for my pelvic pain. I have interstitial cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) and nothing seems to work for my pain. It’s very hard at times. The only thing I worry about is becoming addicted to it. What would your opinion be on that? Do you think I will become addicted?

  71. Marc says:

    I have never heard of Kratom before. Sounds interesting. I will be looking at your other pages to find out more. Thanks for the info.

  72. robert lawrence says:


    This is a really interesting topic. I have to say that I’ve never heard of Kratom before. Your post has sparked my curiosity about it very much. I think I’ll paruse your website much more often to learn more about it and try to decide if its something that I would want to try.

    I am all for natural things that help us in any way. There is always a better natural solution to the chemicals that we get prescribed in western medicine.

    After reading this post I still don’t know exactly how to use(burn) Kratom but I’m sure I will figure that out by looking through your website some more. Thanks for sharing.


  73. JessyV says:

    Exactly, but fortunately with the future more and more people are pulling away from that. Main reason is we don’t see Their ADS in our face 24/7 anymore and this is how they programmes us in the first place!

  74. Vincent says:

    Thank you for your information Jessy. I wish more people realized that mother nature heals everything,
    not the so called chemical “medicine” we are taught to buy. Great website man, very informative stuff here about kratom plant.

  75. JessyV says:

    yea for sure because pain is one of kratoms MAJOR aspects. It is similar to morphine in the way that the alkaloids are structured BUT unlike prescription drugs which usually multiply new receptors causing a physical dependance

  76. Georgie says:

    As I get older I get more aches and pains. My right knee hurts and I’m tired of taking ibuprofen. I would love to learn more about an all natural way to combat this issue. I definitely will look into Keaton as a possibility.
    Thanks, G

  77. jessy1221086 says:

    Hey Nnamdi

    Yes kratom does both of those things (considering the strain) very cheap oz packs to try as well ! :)

  78. nnamdi says:

    Hello Jessy, did you say kratom raise your motivation and ease your anxiety? If it is so, then I have to get me one of those. Thank you for the info.

  79. jessy1221086 says:

    Thanks Steph, yup absolutely as did I when I was first introduced. I decided I liked the effects that were mentioned (I always thought I had ADD and wanted Atterall at one point) so decided to try it. Since then I have been experimenting and this was over 6 months ago :)….Thanks again Steph :)

  80. steph says:


    Thank you for this valuable information. You have a very conversational tone to your writing and is very enjoyable to read. I will have to look into Kratom for treating anxiety and depression which runs in my family.
    Thank you!

  81. Joe says:

    great post learned something thank you for sharing this looking into your suggestions here thanks again

  82. jessy1221086 says:

    I am sorry to hear about your son Kelly, that is terrible and hopefully there is something that kratom can help with. Most of my content is already written up and just needs to be put on the website, however, most of the basics can be found under the welcome to the kratom bible tab. Also the complete guide to kratom is up, still some tweeks left to adjust. I am working on the different Happy Hippo strains at the moment and should have most of them up by next week. Again sorry about your son Kelly, I hope this helps and thanks for visiting the, also like the facebook page as well for updates in the future.

  83. Kelly Connor says:

    My son had chronic Lyme and had uncontrollable pain and nausea. I was given your Web site from our Lyme doctor. We would love more info.

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