How to Burn Kratom – Different Methods

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  1. JessyV says:

    Start with 2 and go from there. If you get nauseous take less, if you feel nothing, take more.

  2. Lois Merritt says:

    New. How much powder is a dose?
    1gm? 5 gm? I’m a nurse w Multiple Sclerosis
    So..sleep and fatigue mainly, no pain history.
    Have some red, white and green samples
    Pretty clueless!

  3. Rj says:

    This shits expensive

  4. Cindy Coffman says:

    I put my kratom in Oj in a small Tupperware like container shake it up and leave it in the fridge take it first thing in the morning now 4+ years later T&W is perfect as I have acquired a taste for it so it does not bother me

  5. Laurie Davis says:

    Hi, I am new. Will be my first time. What would you suggest for chronic pain and something to sleep at night. Wanting to get off all medications. Also what is the toss and wash. That seems like something I would be interested in or something I could mix in with O.J. I need something with energy also, I know coming off the pills isn’t going to be easy, I have tried it by myself in the past. any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  6. JessyV says:

    Have you read

    It gives a description of the different colors

    I would also advise you to see the reviews at

    They are all different it depends on what you are going for.

    Hope this helps

  7. Jaimelyn says:

    My first time… What strain would you recommend

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