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  1. Mariha Alley says:

    Kratom gave me my life back. I have a degenerative muscular disease that eventually cripple me completely. I also have degenerative disc disease. I live in pain. I was in so much pain, because i won’t take pharmaceuticals. Then a friend told me about kratom. I researched and read and talked to people… Finally I tried it. It’s been a year and a half and I thank God every day for his PLANTS! Kratom helps my pain, my mood and that gives me more energy. Feeling better feels better. Kratom saved me from living five to six days a week in bed! I have went days at a time without needing to take it too. Of course, my pain is a little more intense when I don’t have Kratom, but nothing like it used to be. #WeAreKratom

  2. Tiffany says:


  3. Tiffany says:


  4. KMH says:

    Is this OK for pain relief? Is Kratom safe to use? I need something to help with my pain.
    Just a thought… In reading your article I already found two typographical errors. (New for Knew) (here for hear)
    Get a proofreader to go over it for you. Otherwise, good article.

  5. Sara Hofer says:

    I am just getting started in my learning so thank you profusely for all this information. I am so glad I found you.

  6. Emily says:

    Use it and love it

  7. Em says:

    Correction to measurements. 1tsp of powder is 2.5g. So 2tsp=5g. My 1st comment was using granulated sugar.

  8. sarah says:

    All of this info is awsome and as a newer user to Kratom i have enjoyed learning so much.

  9. Susan says:

    I’ve read

  10. sandra hernandez says:

    were can i get all the info about kratom on paper , as some of my friends do not have internet and would like to lean how to use it and understand it better.

  11. Ken Scott says:

    I’ve been taking hydrocodone (10mg) pretty much daily for chronic pain due to a degenerative condition in my neck. I’ve been reading up on Kratom and decided to see if it could maybe help me out. I took a small dose (teaspoon) today for the first time and it had no effect. From what I’ve read that’s probably due to my use of opioids. Can anyone suggest what an effective dose might be so that I can start cutting back on the pills?

  12. Roberta says:

    Hey, Jessy,

    The rotation guide mentioned on another page isn’t there to download. Help??


  13. i s0 want to ck this out for my husbands benefit as he is an addict.abuser.paranoia sufferer-to where pot made him s0 paranoid,,,s0 excited about the possibilities of this making our life easier …praying to God something works :/

  14. My fiancé is trying to withdraw off Suboxone and Xanax. My daughter works at a head shop and suggested Kratom. Yay!!! We are praying this works. I have been looking into it, and to be honest all these colors and strains have me confused. What do you suggest would be best for weight loss and arthritis pain? I have been addicted to opiates, marijuana, but mainly Meth. Went cold turkey 7 years ago and loving life pleasantly plump!!! 😜

  15. JessyV says:

    hey thanks man appreciate that. I personally LOVE traditional pre workouts, although they are not as safe as kratom, they definetly help in getting through a workout.

    Hope you found everything that you were looking for at kratombible!

  16. Hey Jesse, great concise guide and does a good job of laying out the differences between strains and not overwhelming newbies. I always use kratom as a a preworkout personally and find it helps motivation (i don’t like traditionan stimulant preworkout mixes). Thanks for spreading kratom awareness!

  17. Allison says:

    I love your website, so informative. I haven’t heard of Kratom before. It sounds very interesting though. You definitely know your stuff. Not only are there so many different kinds but there are so many different ways to use/take it as well. Very cool read.

  18. JessyV says:


    I unfortunately take c4 every time I work out but most recently have been able to reduce my c4 intake tremendously (about quarter scoop) with one stick of the Nitro powder from Kyani Supplement store.

    I also take protein powder. Usually Optimum nutrition but when the budget is low the best is the peanut butter chocolate by body fortress which I purchase at Walmart. Other than that I use the other two products from the website above as its packed with all the essential supplementation and its two products.

    Instead of having 10 million bottles and pills to take I take 2 shots of the sunrise per day and 3 caps before bed time. I use the nitro liquid before every intake of EVERYTHING I.e Vitamins, food, kratom, phenibut, protein shakes, fish oils (which are the red capsules).

    The reason for this is because once the liquid nitro (i think it HAS to be liquid so that it reacts in the following) enters your body it automatically opens up EVERYTHING inside which allow maximum absorption. (this can get pricey tho so try like half doses instead of full)

    As for the shipping to Canada absolutely, I am also in Hamilton Ontario Canada. The only thing here is that it is all in Us dollars… At the time I write this the canadian dollar is the lowest its been in 11 years so the conversion definitely sucks, but take heart to know that there all natural and thats the only reason I promote it.

    I don’t know if you are aware but since the whole supplement phase there have been many studies done on different supplements of all kinds across the board and somewhere along the lines of 60% of supplements don’t have what they promote on the labels. Or there is not enough content to actually help.

    Introduce this line and you will be able to notice the effects (especially if you are deprived somewhere) because it ranges into all nutritional value (except protein)

    Hope this helps Leo and that you very much for your support I genuinely appreciate you and people like you that take value from the site and let me know about it!

    Have a great day Leo and take care!



  19. Leo says:

    Thanks for the recommendation! It’s cool that you mention Nitric Oxide, as I also lift and I know N.O. has always been great for the pump! I take a few supplements as well, and find L-Citrulline a great N.O. booster. Do you have any experience with other bodybuilding supplements as well? I live in Vancouver, Canada, just wondering if I can get this KyaniScience product here? As well, let me know when you get that newsletter up and I will be sure to sign up! All the best bro, keep bloggin!


  20. JessyV says:

    Hey Leo,

    That is awesome that you have been off opiates man, those things are brutal!

    I know exactly what you mean about the potentiators not working, although I have unfortunately started drinking coffee in the morning again. I am trying to cut back on the cream and sugar (I have switched to sweetener) in it but it does seem to up the effects a small bit however I have always found it to take the kratom effect away like 40 mins after my coffee.

    I recently discovered a liquid nitro that essentially opens up every cell inside of your body hence allowing the kratom to act and attach faster to the receptors. The potency of the Nitric Oxide has a nice clean energy that mixes beautifully with kratom and in my experience hasn’t brought down the kratom effect like the coffee since there is no crash with nitric oxide (because it is produced in our bodies at a cellular level)

    You can gain more info on the nitro that I use at and it will show you the other products that I use as well in combination with kratom.

    If you are interested after reading the science site proceed to Online store to view the different package availability as well as pricing.

    Hopefully this helps you Leo, I am making a newsletter VERY soon and you can sign up and I will let you know on new posts and random updates (not every week no spam)



  21. Leo says:

    Hey Jessy, appreciate the blog! I’ve been on my Kratom lifestyle for 3 months now…Like most readers, I was addicted to Opiates for years and honestly never would have quit if it wasn’t for Kratom! Anyway, I’m wondering about “potentiators” or other herbs/nootropics that you have tried in combination with Kratom? I’ve tried the most common ones like: Grapefruit Juice, Tagamet etc..but really haven’t found a combo that seems to work well…Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Kratom on it’s own, just wondering if there are any other things you’ve tried and has worked well with..

    Thanks again and keep blogging bro!

  22. JessyV says:

    Hello John

    First of all I would like to say that I am sorry for all that you have went through. All these set of ordeals compounding one after the other after your accident are horrible.

    It is very rewarding to see how people are able to benefit from kratom. I have personally never been addicted to opiates but I know someone who felt some minor withdrawals after an accident and his whole body was in physical pain. It was quite scary.

    The fact that kratom can act as a pain healer AND opiate supplementation (meaning when getting off of opiates, kratom is NOT an opiate. I know you know this just for the readers.) does indeed make it special in a sense. I also went through some withdrawal when quitting marijuana and kratom was a god send for it. Here I had to up my dose and when I decided to take a couple of days off my nose was leaking a bit (a slight withdrawal symptom) but other than that I never had bad withdrawals. ( I never take more than 15 grams a day and that is a lot and I rarely go up that high) Understanabley however your situation is drastically different and it is amazing to see a plant do this. Soon you will be completely drug free !

    I want to also thank you on reading my blog I feel like it was helpful to you. I want to also thank you for the kind words and hoping that everything will be back to normal for you soon.

    Again thank you and have wonderful holidays and hoping 2016 blesses you my friend.



  23. John Smite says:

    Hello–my name is John and I had a bad accident and was given (at first) morphine, then oxycontin, and then when I wanted to get off all those “bad ones”–the doctor gave me METHADONE and told me “no, its not addictive” (he had no clue about it–worst withdrawals EVER when I ran low and could not get the prescription filled out at the exact time I ran out). I’m a “professional person”–a pastor and teacher in fact, and work with a lot of people who are on opiates and trying to get off of them. So, for myself the problem of being on a narcotic medication was difficult when I was working with people who were hurt, then got well with their physical problem, but were then addicted so bad to the opiates they went from being who they were to this other person because the opiates changed their personality so much. It’s horrible to watch happen, and I realized it was happening to me. I finally got myself to a doctor that knew what he was doing–and got my back fixed as well as my hips–and for the first time in my life had no pain walking or sitting–and realized it was time to get OFF all the pain meds because I really didn’t need them. I had suffered through almost 10 YEARS of garbage with doctors telling me the “pain is all in my head” and “your back isn’t that bad” to finally find a chiropractor who looked at my MRI and said in 5 minutes, literally, “well here’s your problem–you have a torsion (twisted) in your pelvis and it’s screwing everything up!” So, in 6 months he straightened that out and I’m good to go now.

    That’s when the trouble started though with the opiates. I tried numerous times to get off the meds myself and finally realized there was no way to do it other than go to a center or figure out some kind of buddy system with someone who would help me stay accountable. Again, I found a great doctor. I told him I wanted to get off the methadone completely and he said he would help me do that and not dose me even if I asked for more for “pain”. The issue there started to happen that your body will have “ghost pain” because it’s trying to ask for more of the opiates and you are actually not as sore or in as much pain physically as your brain tries to make you think. Kind of like a constant hangover, you feel like dirt but the reality is you really aren’t that bad.

    Enter kratom: I did a look on the internet for a way to get off of opioids and found kratom and decided to give it a try. I used a high dosage to begin with, almost 3 TB per day, and that got rid of most of my withdrawals from the methadone until I was ready to drop it all. Then, I tapered off the kratom for the next few weeks as well while my system rebuilt itself and my brain started to make the components it needs to be well (as methadone makes your brain stop making a lot of what it needs as it substitutes those chemicals for you–thats the one reason it’s very hard to get off of as well).

    So, because of kratom I am no longer addicted to the opioids and as well, not addicted to the kratom. I’m on my last few grams as I taper off of it for good and feel great–but that’s not to say the kratom had all positive effects either. I had bad stomach pains in the morning for weeks as I went onto it because I had to use a higher dosage, and as well when you ease out of it you do have some depression and irritability. So, its not a perfect drug but it was perfect for getting off the opioids. For people with chronic pain I can’t say enough about finding an alternative to opioids per se, and if Kratom will work for you just know that I can fully say that as a 50 year old man who’s seen it all and been through it all, that this website is absolutely one of the best out there to educate you on what to do/not to do. Thanks for reading and I hope in some way you find what you need on the journey you’re on. Like Jake Wilson’s comment above–this plant saved my life.

  24. JessyV says:

    Hey Jake,

    Always love hearing how kratom has helped another person out. This plant is truly amazing I know, and just goes to show you that pretty much anything green, your needs it. Kratom is just another vegetable (in my opinion obviously its not a vegetable) in the sense that adding kratom will just make you feel rejuvenated and on top of the world.

    Another live saved by the amazing effects of the kratom plant. Thanks for sharing Jake.

    Have a great day !


  25. Jake wilson says:

    I personally love Kratom. I was an opiate addict for 6 years, relapsing every time I tried to quit. Kratom has literally been a miracle for me. I dose 3 times daily and experience very minor opiate withdrawals. I am able to go to work and perform as if I were feeling normal. I praise this plant. Literally saved my life.

  26. JessyV says:

    What I meant here was that I recently found out the heat actually kills the alkaloids somewhat to in turn reducing the effect of the plant. Of course people do drink teas and Im thinking perhaps they must double the dosage. I wasn’t really meaning it in that sense.

    However I have also noticed since the early days the kratom and coffee for me personally doesn’t really do anything, and actually decreases the kratom effects.

  27. Joelle says:

    I seen where you said that kratom hates heat. So I guess coffee is out of the question. It seemed to kick it in better when I first started taking it. But now not so much. Thanks for the info.

  28. Christina says:

    Hi Jessy,

    I have a question about Kratom, what can’t I mix it with? I’m currently drinking shakes sometimes include a powder mix. I’m interested in Kratom because go through my days feeling very fatigue regardless of how much sleep I have. Coffee has adverse effects on my system.

    Thank you,

  29. JessyV says:

    easier for me that way and ALOT quicker haha…..i am so use to it now i don’t even taste it at all

  30. KratomBoss says:

    I am really surprised your favorite method is the toss n wash. I found that kind of tough to get the powder down. I prefer capsules or a mix drink :)

  31. JessyV says:

    hey there,

    yes it does have caffeine like effects, specially a fast strain taken at a low dose will defiantly give you a Go getter attitude.

    It is one of the big reasons I am where I am today!

  32. Jeremy says:

    I’ve never heard of kratom before but it sounds pretty legit. Besides, prescription drugs now a days are kind of sketchy. Also, it’s pretty cool that you’ve come up with different ways to ingest it. The videos are a mega plus help too. Great article! Do you know if there is any kratom that acts as a stimulant with the same effects as caffeine?


  33. JessyV says:

    yea unfortunalty there is ALOT of garbage kratom out there which is why I am trying to spread the news on the recommended vendor because I too had tried Kratom before but it wasn’t a reputable buyer and I don’t know what I took. And yes you swallow it, i Toss and wash mine.

    And it has So many benefits, and the one i love is it helps keep me productive during the day. Also a VERy good pre workout if you look at my rockstar hippo review.

  34. This is a very informational website! It really drew me in. Your layout, content, and framework is all very well made. You are on a very good track and your website is coming along very well. I enjoyed your content a lot and I’m looking forward to reading more articles in the future. Thank you and keep up the great work!

    P:S Check mine out when you have a chance! Thanks!

  35. Matt TheDopestMatrix says:

    I’ve heard good things and bad things about Kratom, but I have had it once, it was interesting. Almost felt like a dirty weed high, but if I remember correctly, I ate some kind of powder… sounds like it has some benefits though. is it addictive?
    Matt TheDopestMatrix

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