Kratom on Vacation – I just Came Back from A Cruise

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3 Responses

  1. Bla says:

    This stuff terrifies me, I want to take my disabled mom on a trip but if they found the stuff
    I can just see them putting me away until further notice, going to a spanish speaking country
    where I don’t speak spanish. Pisses me off. Not worth risk to me.

  2. JessyV says:

    Just use botanical kratom’s tins inside a big blue ziplock and put in carry on.

    Kava isn’t kratom so there’s nothing there. If questioned say it’s tea.

    And it was celebrity cruise this time.

    I went again on Norwegien this year and was fine :)

    Hope this helps. No pictures tho sorry


  3. Alissa Bruce says:

    Great to know~ what cruise line? I am going on a Carnival Cruise and it states that “Kava” is prohibited.
    Do you have photos of what you used to contain your kratom?

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