Kratom for Pain – Get your Life Back

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  1. Marie says:

    I’ve already bought the Kratom- 4oz.’s Red Maeng Da Mitra and 4oz.;s White Borneo Mitra, to help me get off of a 50-70 mgs. of Oxcodone, my question is can I take it while I’m trying to taper off the Oxy’s and how much should I use and which one preferably, I also take an antidepressant called Viibryd, any advice would be very much appreciated! I want off of these damn pills sooo bad!

  2. Roberta says:

    Merry Christmas!
    I was hit by a train a long time ago and managed to break everything except my back and my arms. Since then skeletal arthritis has settled in what seems to be every joint of my body and is increasingly painful.

    While I am thankful to have survived, some days makes me wonder if it’s it worth it. I seem to have a high tolerance to opioids and need an effective method of pain relief that injections, implants, and drugs won’t touch.

    I’ve read through your “bible” and appreciate the work that it has required. Thank you. I’m sincerely hoping that Kratom will provide the relief that nothing else has.

  3. JessyV says:

    there is a kratom testimonial page coming up very shortly I’m wrapping it up and than will post it .

    Get well my friend.

  4. bryan says:

    hi my name is bryan im 26 years old. tonight while on facebook i got suggested to visit this page because i follow very close to any material on oppiate with drawl. reason being 10 years now ive been addicted to any oppiate oppiod i could get my hands on. i live in tennesse and up to this very day its always ben one call or one random person you meet away from finding you some or by experience i found it easy to go to a doctor in medicine tell them you have been using and they write you a full perscription of the stuff that will help keep you off the stuff suboxone is what im currently talking about. so for the last 4 years on and off ive been in the clinics to get the suboxone compared to being on the streets every day breaking the law just to find some pills to get you through day. suboxone worked its an opiod binded with a medicine that helps cravings and blocks any opiates from intering your system the medicine binds your receptors and when im hearing that this plant is doing the same thing its got me thinking the main reason suboxone has failed to get me completly off to this day is middle of the program run out of money to 1 pay the doctor bill thats all there about then you gotta pay for the expensive medicine the company that made this drug off of one person alone trying it that way will be paying tha scientest rent for years thats not setting adding up the never stopping number of people who line up every week with all the money they worked for stole ect and have to spend it all just to keep from withdrawing. its very sad because when you get like me and use every bit of what you got to get this medicine and you no longer have money the doctors wont talk to you and the pharmacy has no solution so your stuck with the upcoming withdrawls that you have devoted every thing to not experience. so ive watched all the videos on this hear the fix to my bigest problem ive ever had. but my state out laws it so go to close state that doesnt but im looking for numbers of people to say yea man i was strung out just as you and this plant took that away from me. i devoted alot of my time listening to your stuff and reading up on this. so i will be very greatfull to hear back from you on some more info of sucsess stories or somthing along those lines! thanks bkd3590 is facebook if your interested in msg me may god answer my prayers through you and this plant soon amen

  5. JessyV says:

    Hey Tracy

    Welcome to kratom :) it is an amazing plant and with all of its positive properties and being as old as the earth. It strikes me as unusual that I only found out about this plant 1.5 years ago !

    I know exactly what you are talking about when you say all of your anxiety and pain melted away. It does the same for me!

    The only thing I got worried about was at the beginning of your email you stated how you got it locally. This is ok I guess if you personally feel great. That means the kratom is working and is doing what it is suppose to do.

    My friend and I have bad experiences dealing with local kratom suppliers. They either have expired kratom (that will make you sick VERY quickly, not dangerous tho, just annoying) or they will mis lead you into the use of it. Some head shops promote the use of smoking kratom. I DO NOT RECOMMEND smoking kratom, you would need to smoke so much to get an effect and it would destroy your throat.

    Glad to see that you are coming off of the oxy. In my opinion that is the governments population control at this point, you either die of overdose or your a zombie till you die … of an overdose. Not to mention that high additivity level of these pills to make you needing to come back for more. I personally find this a disgusting way to “help” people, considering doctors are giving us heroin and saying its ok to take.

    Anyway sorry for the little ramble there hopefully I clarified a bit for you. I urge you to look through and try find little experiences that could help you as well as the kratom guide

    Until than, stay safe and take care



  6. tracy says:

    About 3 days ago I was on Craigslist and there was a plant o had never heard of in my life. So I decided to buy 2 small kratom plant. The farther I research the kratom the more it made me interested I kratom. So I went to a herbal store and bought 11g of white vein Thai just to try it before I get myself into buying oz of kratoms. To be honest I felt the kratom effect with my first dosage of 2g of kratom . So I took it the second day same thing I felt no pain,anxiety, depression,fatigue,or lazy. I’ve been on all kind of pain meds for past 10 years. I have fibromyalis, arthritis upper and lower lumbar,back pain,knee,shoulder,hands and tons more of problems. I tried physical therapy water therapy,occupation therapy. Today is my third day using kratom and man does it really work. I’ve decreased my oxy 10mg from 10 pills a day to 2. I stop all my other 10 medication for the first time. I really love the maeng da red vien.

  7. KratomBoss says:

    I am in total agreement with you. Kratom is such a more reasonable medicine for pain than oxy or pills. It is also much more manageable to stop and use as a maintenance drug.

  8. JessyV says:

    Your Welcome Nicole. I was introduced to kratom as a production booster aka procrastination killer. But after pulling my back (Im hoping thats all it is) I was able to TRULY experience kratoms effects on painkiller abilities and it was AMAZING, my pain is totally GONE.

    Also the fact that kratom will make you happy and outgoing is a definitive bonus ESPECIALLY if you are addicted to something. I have been taking it for Almost a year now and there is literally NO addiction. when I forget to order some I kick myself but in no way are there any withdrawals or addicition cravings.

    Kratom is not necessarily the best thing to take, because it comes in a powder it tastes VERY bitter. I also only suggest getting the powder since you can dose what you need instead of for example taking 10 kratom capsules to get an effect for you.

    powder will allow you to dose what you want, and rather easily, with practice.

    Hopes this helps and thanks for the comment!

  9. JessyV says:

    Hey Emily,

    First of all I want to say thank you for returning ! I appreciate it. Also kratom and marijuana are totally different in effect. It is hard to pin point an EXACT comparison since every kratom strain has a range of effects from euphoria to energy.

    So comparing to marijuana would be completely wrong. Also I found that in my personal life, kratom propels me towards productivity and focus, while marijuana does the opposite.

    The euphoria felt by both COULD be similar in a sense since they are both soft euphoria (nothing like a strong opiate, although if taken in right dosage and right strain you could mimic a light dose of perco cets with kratom.

    But yes research more and if you have any more questions feel free to comment.. Thanks again Emily

  10. JessyV says:

    Hey there,

    Yes if you view the video I have just recently found the uses of kratom as a painkiller. It works wonders, literally. Marijuana I never found to relieve any pain, more distract you from it. But kratom has alkaloids that resemble morphine that is why.

    Kratom and Marijuana = Well the euphoria like effect COULD resemble themselves BUT you should not put them in the same category what so ever.

    Kratom actually initiates production while marijuana is more to relax. Although there are slow strains of kratom that are perfect for relaxation (euphoria) it is not the same as marijuana at all.

  11. Emily says:

    hi there
    i have visited your site before but I am not very familiar with kratom. I did some quick internet research and I am not quite sure if there is a comparison for kratom. Marijuana in a sense? It seems like it can be taken in multiple forms and the kratom you describe for pain seems to be in pill form. Am I correct? I am a trained psychologist and I do not the brain chemistry of drugs. And oftentimes it is actually quite more complex than we can think. In theory, if there is no receptors for kratom, it would not lead to a dependency. I am hesitant to be honest but do agree that it seems better than painkillers and drugs such as opiates. I will look through your site to find some more answers

  12. Rey InAZ says:

    I had not heard of Kratom before, it appears to be a natural way to treat chronic pain. Are the euphoric effects you describe like marijuana? It is medically legal here in AZ for chronic pain, what are the main differences between these two natural remedies?

  13. Nicole says:

    Very interesting, I never heard of Kratom in my life. This can save so many people from their addictions, wow! I will have to remember to suggest this site to a few people that I know that are addicted to painkillers! Thanks for this information.

  14. JessyV says:

    you can search the site a bit and find that is kratom addictive is in “kratom guide” If used with my guidelines (almost a year of experience trying different methods) There are no addiction properties like morphine because nothing depends on kratom once you stop taking it. unlike morphine which multiplies receptors in your brain that can only be affected by morphine.

    Kratom also acts as a blocker to help people ween off of opiates like heroin and morphine. Kratom is definitely safe to try and you can buy at “where to buy” page located at top of site


  15. Liz says:

    I have never heard of Kratom before. My question would be can you get addicted to this like you can with something like morphine? I wouldn’t want that. I would like to use it for anxiety. How much do you need and where can you buy it? Thanks for the information

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