Kratom and Weight Loss – Natural Weight Loss

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  1. Heather says:

    Hi…can you recommend what brand to use to lose weight?

  2. JessyV says:

    great to hear David keep up the great weight loss.

  3. David says:

    I started kratom about 8 months ago….I didn’t know about weight loss with kratom…I weighed 197 in December….I now weigh 169 in April….this stuff is great…It also helps me with depression….

  4. JessyV says:

    Hey Cera,

    I understand that you are hesitant because of warnings of addiction that you hear. I will be honest I was a bit scared at first as well but I did sufficient research and found people who have done it before (all through Facebook) and I found out that this PLANT is helping many different people.

    I would recommend checking out Kratom Addiction for more on this subject. I also have been taking kratom lately and in my personal experience I am not addicted to the plant. Although I do take breaks to make sure that I do not become dependant on it. I like kratom for the rush and the other various effects that it gives, however many different people use it for pain, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, adhd… etc.

    There are various benefits to this plant. Refer as well to kratom lifestyle – taking kratom everyday for an idea of how to go about taking your kratom everyday.

    This leads me to your enquiry about my weight loss, unfortunately it was not only FAT loss, (although I do have amazing muscle memory) but yes I was able to lose a lot of weight. My go to weight loss system is Intermittent Fasting.

    Intermittent fasting if you don’t know consists of fasting (not eating) for 16 hours and eating for the other 8 hours. This is mainly how I used kratom to help me.

    Why & how?

    Alright so this VARIES!!! I have to mention because I have talked with many people and some say it cuts their appetite, some say it ups their appetites. I am currently writing a blog post especially on Intermittent Fasting for which will cover my whole fasting process in detail.

    I am definitely sure that you are aware but I will state it, The healthier you keep your body, the better you will look (hence more muscle less fat *and Im not talking beast muscles unless thats what you want which will require ALOT OF FOOD*) so I will recommend you check out for a view on their health supplements.

    You will notice that their are only three products but they are packed with everything you can think of, and if you need to buy at any point the store is *NOTE: ALL PRICES ARE IN US$*

    Hopefully this helps (except for the fasting which will be posted by Wednesday night 12 pm)

    Also look for the news letter to keep updated with future posts (coming VERY soon)

    Alright Cera again, hopefully this will help you and take care.



  5. cera says:

    oh, I love the ideas that you are sharing, and I would appreciate hearing more about your weight loss success. (or should I more acurately write FAT loss success) I’ve been hesitant to use kratom because of warnings about addiction. Would taking kratom daily mean taking this risk? That is why I would like to learn about other things too. Thanks

  6. JessyV says:

    Hey there Gia,

    The best bet is to rotate strains everyday for maximum effectiveness. There is no one strain that I could recommend for weight loss, but anything that is somewhat faster would definitely help give you the energy to make you go do some exercise.

    With that being said I would stick to Hyper Hippo, Rockstar Hippo, Red “HOT” Hippo, Pleasant green hippo and Red Maeng da. This will allow you to rotate everyday and has a nice variety of colors (green, white and red strains)

    Hopefully this has been some help, and if you need to know about other products that have proven to help me lose FAT and not weight, just email me and I will gladly share (ps it is not kratom)

  7. Gia says:

    Thanks for your helpful information and for the website and videos. Appreciate them.
    I need to lose 30 lbs. for my February wedding and really need help. Kratom seems to be just what I need to lose the weight or come close to my goal weight by January. The only question I have right now is what strain of Kratom do I buy? There are so many choices and I want to get it right the first time. The wedding budget is slaying me and I don’t have much money to waste after those expenses.
    I will wait for your answer and continue to follow you.
    Take gentle care,

  8. JessyV says:

    Hey Susan

    First of all sorry for the delayed response I appreciate your patience. You can easily make your own capsules with a capsule making machine that you can buy from any local store like Walmart or a vitamin store that sells them. You then have to buy empty caps.

    The thing with capsules is that the kratom will take longer to take effect and you will have to eat a lot of caps (aka plastic) which in turns becomes hard on your stomach.

    I agree the taste of kratom is horrendous AT FIRST, but I literally do not taste it at all anymore. I put water in my mouth, add kratom (start with just a tiny bit per toss and wash) and wash it down with water. Just do 5 times half tea spoons (should be around .5 grams) and that will equate to 2 grams of kratom.

    But like I said, you can always make your own. I have never bought capsules because I cannot weigh the product when it comes in, making it very very hard to dose out how much you take.

    Some dishonest people (unfortunately everywhere) will tell you its all kratom and a certain amount of grams in the cap, when it is all false and tell you to take more so that you may feel it (a lot more than 5 per serving) and I just think this will cause problems for peoples stomach.

    Hope this helps Susan …

    Take care

  9. Susan says:

    Looking to purchase capsules. Would like to lose 30 or more lbs. any suggestions?

  10. JessyV says:

    I see you haven’t looked at the rest of the site loll 😛 everything on kratom is here if you look …. go up to the header under the first tab look for “kratom effects” and that will give you a broad idea….

    for your stomach….it just sets in the bottom of it….the loss of appetite comes from the state change

  11. JessyV says:

    hit the gym….kratom will definitely help with that as well…. it will give you motivation to go to the gym….

    you need to lift weights….too many women think lifting weights makes them a bodybuilder overnight and this is SO FALSE evidence.

    So to get a flat stomach you need to do small cardio (brief walk about 20 minutes a day)

    and then at least 1 hour of working out your muscles…..including abs

    also your nutrition needs to consist of low sugars….most people have “tummy flab” but this is impossible…..fat is fat 😛 you can’t have it just on your tummy….its spread….so yea sugar is the main reason for this! (yes pregnancy OBCIOUSYL changed your body but am i wrong to assume you eat sugars?) an insulin spike allows al your food to eat to transfer into fat….and an insulin spike occurs when you eat sugar :)

    if you have anymore information on nutrition please feel free to ask… I use to be overweeight and now am fit…not 6 pack showing and vascular but enough to be ok haha:P

    hope this helps :)

  12. JessyV says:

    no this is not grazing what so ever…

    you must be fasting (for a fast) meaning no food for at least 16 hours than eat for 8

  13. Lynne says:

    Great info, thanks for sharing. I have a flabby tummy after having 2 children. Do you think something like this will help. Other than my tummy everything else is fine… just can’t seem to shake those last bits!

  14. Nigel says:

    Am I correct in saying this sounds like grazing? That’s what I tend to do and it keeps my weight off. In stead of having huge meals I graze throughout the day.

  15. SC says:

    I’d never heard of Kratom – how does it work once it’s in your stomach? Does it swell up with all the water you drink and make you feel full? This post explains the process of taking Kratom well, and I think you could add what Kratom does once you’ve actually consumed it..

  16. JessyV says:

    awsome, I invite you to do your reasearch in the page section or in the various posts :)

    also ask any question you want or email me personally.

    have a great day!

  17. dave says:

    Never heard of this stuff. I will definitely have to do some research on Kratom since I like to test new weight loss effects on my body. Great post.

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