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If you are in my age range than you may have the same feeling about “organic” like I do. (maybe not either)

I honestly couldnt care less if it was organic or not, until it was brought to my attention.

They say ignorance is bliss and I say that is so wrong. In most situations, ignorance is NOT bliss. There are just too many things in this world that we do not know BUT fool ourselves into thinking we know it all. Or at least everything that goes on in our personal lives. WE are wrong.(in general)

organic kratom

100% Organic Kratom with FDA approved Tin

This brings me to my ignorance towards organic products in general. This is so I will be focused solely on organic vs non-organic kratom.

I will paint a picture in your mind so that maybe you can relate the same way that I have when learning about organic kratom.

Imagine a kratom tree sprout that has just started its life. This plant has everything needed to grow into a big beautiful kratom tree for everyone to enjoy. Visually and Internally.

This plant does everything necessary for it to grow, it takes in sunlight, water, nutrients and grows strong from the wind bareing on its stem.

Everything goes great for the sprout until one day a mother bear and her cubs come scurrying along the forest not 30 feet from the kratom tree.

*Note The roots on a plant go very deep in the soil and a nice diameter as well. A tree has bigger, longer and thicker roots that also have a diameter of range for soil 

Im sure you know where this is going by now but nevertheless I will continue with my story.

The bears graze at different shrub in the vicinity and end by urinating and defecating in the area of the kratom tree.

This will go into the soil and get absorbed by the tree will in turn fuel the leaves through the nutrition in the soil (aka bear excraments) and will later be powderized for your consumption.

This is one scenario, another would be that the native population where kratom grows is infested with a virus that transfers to the tree and leaf and eventually into you.

Also pesticides sprays from government official may get into your kratom leaf if the kratom you are receiving is NOT Organic.

The story I have just shared with you is a typical day in the life of the forest. There are millions of different scenarios that can lead to the plant being contaminated and this can in turn HURT the movement to legalize kratom.

Red vein kratom

Botanical Kratom’s Red Organic Kratom

The following is a scenario where your kratom is 100% organic:

Kratom is grown in secure locations where it cannot be hit by wildlife or insects from the wild. (although minor insect problems could persist in a secure grow it is ALOT easier to remove the contaminant in a safe non hazardous ORGANIC WAY!)

It also protects the trees from the natural aspects of the environment.

At the end of the day you can sum these two words in the following phrases:

  • Organic Kratom is kratom that has been grown in a safe secure manner. Tested and made sure that no contaminants exist that could deteriorate your health.
  • Non-Organic Kratom is kratom that is grown “in the wild” with no more care to it than ridding the harmful insects/pests that stop the plant from growing. Letting mother nature take her course and what happens, happens.

If you have been following for a while you may get the impression that I do like nature (but I am not a hippy) and normally I would have no problems to the latter situation.

However, when it was mentioned to me this way, it made so much sense that if we are consuming something. WE must make sure that it is safe from harmful contaminants certifying for the word “organic”.

I recently learned this particular subject and now I am personally getting more conscious to not only organic kratom but organic foods as well.

The problem at the end of the day is all because of mass production. Meat, vegetables, fruits, kratom, anything that the population wants must be produced in Masses, and with this I am sure that time budgets must be a main thing.

organic vs non organic kratom

Mass Population Needs Organic Ways!

Business is business at the end of the day at companies must get their product out as fast as possible, only difference is organic farms take the time to make sure its SAFE and non-organic farms make sure that its edible.

As long as you can eat it and not get too many immediate side effects, non-organic farms are good with that.

Hopefully this page helps you decide in the future between organic and non-organic products of any kind, not only kratom.


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