Kratom for Depression

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  1. JessyV says:

    Meh , pick and choose what you want. That’s an opinion and to this day have not gotten depressed. Lord knows I have the chance to be too. Never had a phenibut withdrawal so idk why your coming here with a smart mouth.

    Make your own experiences and write about them if your not satisfied with my writing

  2. Brian says:

    I believe this guy also wrote a vlog or something about phenibut withdrawal not being severe….. Holy Dear Mother of God is “Severe” only a glossing over of the actual depth of hell…. I’m just sick of seeing his greasy ass rattling off at the mouth. Funny thing is I agree in many ways on Kratom….but this

    “I will never be depressed, this is a philosophy that I have adapted from the time that I was 22 years old!”….Wow man, thats profound. Just tell yourself to have a particular mindset and boom….resilience will drive you throughout your life.

    That’s someone that never suffered clinical depression. Stick to your wheelhouse man….

  3. Angela says:

    Kratom attaches to and fills the opiate receptors resulting in a release of dopamine. Releasing dopamine makes you feel good, reduces depression and increases feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction. Depending on what other receptors are activated and other chemical reaction occurs will result in other feelings as well. But I just need to say that serious depression is not something that most people can just “snap” out of. It’s not just some type magical thinking disease and if you believed hard enough you would be cured. I understand the point you were trying to make that you can challenge some of your thoughts processes. That is basic therapeutic techniques. But I challenge you on your choice of words. It perpetuates the myth that depression is a thinking/moral disease. That if you just think better your life would be happier because that is false.

  4. JessyV says:

    Because I don’t spell check my work I am discredited ? That’s fine, go take some Prozac

    If you knew anything about this site you would know it’s an information page, not a sales page.

    I place a vendor up there (to get 10% commission) you apparently have no clue how math works, a 60$ order gets me 6$.

    Kratom isn’t addictive to Me and many others. If you aren’t bright enough to know yourself and then go after new things, that’s not my problem.

    Keep listening to your drug dealer, sorry Doctor, I’m sure he has the interest of healing you c

    Doctors love to heal clients so they can never see them again.

    Great logic there 👌🏼👌🏼

    Keep being an asshole and you will continue to get answered like one.

  5. Rick says:

    Kratom is definitely addictive. Keep in mind, this guy is selling his product. I trust my doctor’s advice over a guy that can’t spell “you’re” any day of the week. When something is too good to be true, it usually is. He’s an addict, like most other people that use it. They just don’t want to admit it.

  6. JessyV says:

    Sorry you think your withdrawing. I never felt any withdraws, maybe weed helped that. If there’s any. It’s extremely mild. Try phenibut Or weed, or meditate. Kratom isn’t addictive, I have gone daily for a long time and quit cold turkey. sucks that your feeling bad,
    But this is not false information Its anecdotal and most people feel the same.

  7. alex says:

    Um this is false information. Kratom is very addictive. Im searching for help with withdrawal symptoms as we speak. Please do your research before starting a daily dosing routine.

  8. JessyV says:

    I know exactly what you mean, BUT having something like kratom, which is a natural plant, to keep you happy all the time and focused on happiness (without trying) you will be most likely to not hit depression if you feel and focus on a happier lifestyle.

  9. JessyV says:

    I do agree with the fact that you say we should do anything to feel happier, including prescription drugs.

    But the problem with prescription drugs is you get them from a supposed trusted source (your doctor) and than wind up addicted to them and you suffer NASTY withdrawal symptoms.

    Kratom is a plant and if you follow me guidelines will have LITTLE TO NO withdrawlals. Messing with kratom extracts although will defiantly give you a nice withdrawal. Which is why i recommend to NEVER take extracts!!

  10. Alex says:

    This post is so interesting. I am going to do some writing on PTSD and have been researching. I would agree that if you are super vigilant about your thoughts, to the exclusion of letting stress get to you and make you “forget” yourself, then you can control it. The confusing thing for me is that even for people who have beating this thing and know the rules and techniques it seems to still recur. I think the challenge is letting the stress “take you away” so that you aren’t caring for yourself, ie. not working out, not having fun… Sometimes it isn’t possible to do all the right things within the stress though, like if you have to take care of an emergency with an older person, or some such thing. Some stresses are all consuming by definition, as it is ALL you can do to get through that particular chore and get up the next day and do it again. I would love to think that we can ultimately have power over this though.

    I would totally agree that a brief glimpse of happiness in really bad times could be the difference of saving ourselves, for sure, with a drug or any other way, as long as it leaves you in your total awareness, instead of a druggy fog. Thanks for writing this.

  11. Andyg says:

    I have suffered from depression. Unfortunately it is something that never goes away and can kick you when you least expect it! its awful! and there are so many triggers. This article has definately peaked my interest and would look into it more next time I have an issue :)

  12. JessyV says:

    I did not mean to say it could treat depression but more so HELP IT (for me definelty helps it stere clear)…. if you would view the video you will notice how I speak about it. anti depressants aren’t helping in the long run, most people on anti depressants are still depressed (unless it is a psychologic problem which is not the same thing as what I’m talking here at all) but kratom is definitely the way to go to avoid harm to yourself in a long run.

    Anti depressants will leave you feeling worst after than before because of the side effects (in some cases) but kratom in my experience of using for almost a year, trying it off for 3 weeks at a time sometimes and simply forgetting to order more I have found NO side effects after stopping kratom.

    But yes, Always do your research first and of course CONSULT your doctor. Many doctors are starting to prescribe kratom as an alternative!

    Thanks Rosilyn :)

  13. Roslyn says:

    I, like the government, can not yet decide if kratom is a herbal medicine or an illegal drug. It does seem to have potent effects. I feel uneasy with its promotion as a treatment for depression. Clinical Depression is a serious condition that warrants very, cautious, presribed treatment!
    Curious to keep up with new developments, from all perspectives!

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