Kratom Effects – What to Expect

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Kratom effects begin when the plant begins to digest.

It than proceeds to grazing the opiate receptors of the brain and stomach.

Although it stimulates opiate pleasure receptors, this is not derived from anything in the opiate family. Kratom is in the coffee family.

Kratom acts primarly on delta receptors at a lower dose ( pleasure, mood and motivation)

Primarily on the mu receptors (sedation, euphoria and pain relief) at higher doses.

The delta receptors also noticeably do not multiply when stimulated (Like it does from a compound)  which allows for a lot lower risk of addiction.

This is why kratom is not like morphine or other prescription drugs who focus primarily on the mu receptors.

Contrary to delta receptors which increase very rapidly, forming addictions/dependency that can be psychologically and physically tough to break.

This no doubt makes a bad combination.


Kratom Effects you will feel


Once you take your first dose of kratom you will feel the onset of the kratom effects coming at around the half hour mark.

If you do not feel anything at this point you probably need to dose more – View Dosage Guide For more on this

Kratom gives a sense of euphoria, energy, and relaxation.

These three main categories come with an amazing bundle of greatness.

Euphoria and relaxation could are sort of synonymous I decided to separate them just to give them different explanations with the kratom effect..

Euphoria: Allows for users to feel happier, less anxious and depressed.

This has many benefits that will allow someone with history of these things to feel, at least for a moment of time, free.

This has proven to be true for many people that have used kratom for this reason, Including Myself!

Energy: This, like it states will give the user energy and the drive to focus on things that need to get done.

I personally love the energy off of the kratom effect and it allows me to complete things that I have been procrastinating for a long time.

After something is complete, with kratom or not, it always feel great.

Hence why I love the energy strains so much, it motivates me to WORK!

Relaxation: This is probably one of the most beneficial attributes of the kratom effect. 

I believe that the relaxation of kratom allows us to CALM DOWN, more importantly helps our muscles and minds to calm down.

This is key as usually it is often the mind that is not resting, and the mind and body are one hence the body never rests.

Meditation can also be extremely powerful to drive the relaxation of the plant even further.

It should also be noted that kratom has also been known to prolong sexual engagement. Making it longer for you to climax, in turn making it a better, longer sexual encounter.


Colors and Kratom Effects


It will depend on the strain that you took and it will vary on the dose that you ingested.

For me to give a nice overview description of the Kratom Effect I will separate them by their strains.

I will follow that by giving you an example that I used to explain this in the past. It was exactly how I started writing this very page.

Red Vein Kratom: This color of kratom will allow for more sedative kratom effects.

It will allow for an initial increase of energy that is soon followed by a nice euphoric relaxation.

The Red Vein kratom strain is a very ideal strain for lovers of meditation and other relaxation methods. Also for those who just want to relax.

Green Vein Kratom: A green vein will make you will feel more “up ed dy” and feel sociable.

You will feel like you want to talk more and get more things done (I usually choose using the latter)

White Vein Kratom: I love the white strain as it gives you a better energy rush than caffeine in my opinion.

It will allow you to do tasks that require physical activity and enjoy the process.

I personally love White Vein kratom for the gym and find that it gives nice muscle to mind connection.

Maeng Da Kratom: Last but not least we have the most powerful kratom plant, the Maeng Da strain.

The maeng da strain is altogether different from the leaf in the physical form, and it does not disappoint in the alkaloid section either.

A good quality Maeng Da will give you a nice hit of euphoria with energy.

Clicking on the button below will give you access to the best Maeng Da I have personally ever tried. Also View Maeng Da – What’s the Difference?

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Maeng Da Powder


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Kratom Effect in Action


I will give you a perfect example of what Kratom will help you do.

While I started writing this post I felt a bit stuck on how to pursue so the following is a story from when I wrote this post the first time.

I feel it has place here just because the best way for me to learn anything, was through examples.

Kratombible, being the experienced based information site that it is, provides examples along side of the noted experiences.

“Two hours ago I was sitting on my couch just wasting my time on social media.

I know that I have other things to do but my brain literally couldn’t care less. (keep in mind kratom shouldn’t be used to substitute your personal will power)

I think it is safe to say that I am not the only one that goes through this procrastination stage, no matter what it is your using as a distraction.

To encourage production for my self (everyone is different) I went over to my “kratom cupboard”  and took some kratom.

30 minutes later

The kratom effect has kicked in and now my fingers are literally moving by themselves as I explain to you the benefits of this amazing plant.

I took 2.5 g of Green Vein Kratom and .7 grams of Maeng Da. I mixed these, but I wouldn’t recommend you trying this right away if you are new to the plant.

Just because of the fact that you are not sure how you will react to the kratom effect. View Kratom Dosage for more on this

I would wait 1 month at least with knowing how your body works with kratom. This is not a safety reason but more of a comfort reason.

What I mean is that when you are new to kratom you do not tend to need a lot of kratom to feel the kratom effects.

The more kratom you have in your system to more pronounced the sedation side of the kratom effects will be.

Note* Once you are into a high dose you may feel dizzy and extremely sedated. This is obviously a very uncomfortable kratom effect and should not be one to aim for.

If you take too much you may also get nauseous and vomit the kratom. Your body will extract it from itself as it would if you would have drank to much alcohol.

As my recommended vendor goes, (Botanical Kratom) you will need more to vomit but this does not mean you should go crazy with dosage at first. 

Let me proceed with the example of the kratom effects.

The foggyness that was in my brain before the kratom was not allowing me to take action onto my goals. Ive found that with kratom.

The main aspects of the kratom effects that I have taken away are the following (depending on the strain color)

  • Tend to not procrastinate
  • Stay productive
  • Laser like focus
  • Sense of well being
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced depression
  • Increased sociability
  • Prolonged Sex

This is a broad generalization of the kratom effect.


In Conclusion


The Kratom Effect is a very subtle effect that has proven to enhance my life. 

I have used kratom to push myself to learn amazing things, I am now also more spiritual than I was before.

Kratom basically allowed me to calm down, access my thoughts and focus on getting better.

There are huge benefits to taking kratom in my life and kratombible is here to help you learn about kratom.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below (I always answer) or e-mail me personally

Until than, its your final decision, it helped me and it could help you. 

Always stay safe.

Take Care

36 Responses

  1. JessyV says:

    If you feel sick you have taken too much, sometimes you should wait a little bit. Sometimes you may have to wait until 6-8 hours later to take more. However if two caps is too much and one is not enough, take the powder out of one of them and take half of it.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I bought maeng da at a drugstore which was in a 60 count bottle.I took two total through the day & became nauseated.should I stop & try To buy another type at vapor shop?

  3. Peter Spencer says:

    Dear friend,
    Having suffered with depression all all all all my life ( should now perhaps say, I’m 69 years of age ) and I’m very interested in learning more about kratom, for that very reason. Numerous writers else where, ( so I read, ) take kratom for depression at levels where by they would be seriously high etc. etc. etc. Right now I’m interested in taking kratom only as an anti depressant, please friend advise, as I’m seriously thinking of coming ( going ) to Amsterdam for this very purpose ( reason ) for a couple of months, and it would be great heaven to be symptom free for a couple of months

    Might I further, do Doctors prescribe kratom, or what ever, in Amsterdam or where ever for depression.

    Thanking you kindly Sir.
    For your time, and assistance already.
    Yours Most Sincerely
    Peter Spencer My friends call me Pete.

  4. Shelly Hollingsworth says:

    Hi Jesse. I have chronic pain and I keep having to up the milligram of my opiate medication. I have heard that kratom can help with pain, but I’m not sure what color to take, or how long the effects of kratom last for?

  5. Ashley says:

    Should Kratom be taken while on antidepressants? What side affects and warnings are there?

  6. Rafael says:

    Hi Y’all – I was taking opiates for 2 years, then Suboxone for 7 years. I couldn’t stop. Along the way, I found Kratom and started using it to get off ALL the drugs completely. Tried a few strains, but the one for opiate and /or suboxone withdrawal is RED BALI. Started with about 3 grams and now after 2 months, I am using about 5 grams. No withdrawals, and off of all meds now – it’s been 2 months! I am so glad to finally be off meds! Try using just plain RED BALI. If that’s too sedating, try RED HULU or BORNEO. Reds are what work best. -Peace

  7. Cathy. says:

    Thank you. forbdo.much info. I am still not sure what to take for pain. Maybe I. Jjust missed it. I have miigrains. Lyme, insomnia ,and severe back issues. What is the strain that I shoud take? Thank you so much. Catthy

  8. Val says:

    I have a question. What would be the best to try for migraines, fibro symptoms, anxiety and possibly depression?

  9. JessyV says:

    red is best for relaxing

  10. Marie says:

    I’ve just gotten my first order of white … I took two capsules and think I felt something though it could be psychological. I’m looking for something that I can take at night to help me with ptsd related insomnia and nightmares as well as pain and then something during the day for energy and pain relief. It sounds like I should try red at night?

  11. JessyV says:

    If you have no withdrawal, than you are definetly feeling the effects, all of the effects I write here are anecdotal. I have never been on opiates so I believe that that may have a variation to what one may feel.

    Glad to hear that you are off of the drugs tho, keep it up!


    I use botanical Kratom, green vein. I still haven’t found my sweet spot. I am off opiates for 4 months now, I have no withdrawal, but I can’t seem to find the right amount to feel the true effects. I am currently taking 1 tablespoon every 4 hours. Should I be taking more? I feel pretty good, but not getting the effects I am looking for.

  13. Lee says:

    Hi JesseV my name is Lee I have been on opiates for over 20yrs for a back injury. Tried quitting but got so sick so many times I always go back to the opiates. I now have severe depression and have become anti social.I havent left my bed rm for weeks at a time.I dont go out unless I have an ample supply of opiates which leads me to run out before getting a refill. Iam so tired of this life style ordered kratom yesterday. Going to try it for the first time ordered red maegna da and white also the green beleive they are frm Borneo. What would u suggest that would help me with my addiction to opiates and my depression. Your help would be heaven sent. Thank you Lee

  14. Tammy says:

    Can someone tell me how long you should use the kratom for opiate withdrawals? He has been on opiates pretty heavy since 2009 so we know its gonna be a rough road,but dont want him getting dependant on the kratom either.

  15. JessyV says:

    Hey Stephanie,

    That is amazing to hear that kratom has once again saved someone.

    I see that your journey has just begun, however, you will see once you recieve your order that your opiate withdrawals will be incredibly mild or even non existent.

    This is incredibly useful since a lot of opiate addicts are scared to stop BECAUSe of the sheer pain they will go through during the withdrawal.

    Since you need it to help pain, kratom is the best because it will also help your fibro.

    Hope everything works out Stephanie, sorry on late reply.

    Have a great one,

    Your new friend,


  16. Stephanie says:

    Hi Jesse, I’m thankful for the time you put into this info. I am at the end of my Suboxone journey, currently taking 1 mg. I plan to wean down to .5 mg then stop taking it completely. At one point 18 m ago, I was taking 24mg. Before that, I had an addiction to opiate pain meds due to fibromyalgia and spinal issues. So far cannabis has helped me wean off all pharmaceuticals, but I’m struggling a bit in the last stage. I ordered through your recommended vendor and have high hopes that Kratom will help me take the last step in ending my dependence on opiates forever.

  17. JessyV says:

    Yes it will, however do not take away your prescriptions yet….However you will definitely be able to take less of your prescribed drugs because kratom will cause you to feel great with nothing comparing to prescription drug side effects

  18. Jay says:

    Will kratom work for someone who is currently taking prescription painkillers or sedatives?

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