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When learning of something new it is a natural thought to wonder if it could be dangerous. Kratom Dangers is probably one of the questions that may come up in your mind. I will help you soothe it with this page.

Kratom Dangers, are like anything on this earth and dangers can arise when abused. Such as sugar (diabetes), coffee (high blood pressure), kratom can cause unwa when abused as in taken in large doses (grams) or taking a lot of kratom extract/ enhanced leaves.

It is extremely important that you change your question from Kratom Dangers, to does kratom have harsh side effects. This being a better question because kratom dangers in and of themselves do not occur unless you are taking high doses, and than again, dangers become side effects.

Also, when you say kratom dangers, it all depends on your perspective of danger. If for you danger equates Death, than you have nothing to worry about with kratom as their are 0 deaths involved with kratom.

Some people may argue about Ian Mautner, the young man who committed suicide, and kratom was blamed. I strongly believe that there is no way someone can commit suicide from kratom.


The following post was written by Paul Kemp who I believe to be the owner of The post itself will prove a good read and there is also a UNBIASED kratom forum at their site that may interest you.

The author of Ilovekratom is extremely knowledgable with the plant and makes a lot of good points in the following article. He is also very adamant in keeping kratom legal which is a very high priority for everyone in The United States right now (February 2016)

Click the link below for an extremely beneficial post on Ian Mautners suicide, and how the media is using poor Ian as a poster child for banning kratom. I personally LOVED this post!

Ian Mautner’s Suicide and Kratom




Is kratom dangerous though?


The simple answer is no, kratom has not given me any bad side effects with the way that I am taking it and I have followed the advice of someone that has been taking kratom for five years with occasional doctor visits and he is absolutly fine.

Recently enough, I have had the pleasure of meeting an individual who has been using this plant for 15 years. As my kratom knowledge grows (not taking it, but kratom and the world) I learn that more and more people have been using this herb for MANY years with little to no side effects.

As for being addictive, I still say no view Kratom Addiction 

Kratom can be dangerous if you are increasing your doses weekly which will than eventually lead to an abundant amount of kratom per day. I still have yet to hear of any kratom dangers arising from people taking to much kratom. You simply cannot overdose on kratom so that danger is ceased.

Most drugs that are dangerous ARE because people abuse them and than overdose. Kratom does not cause overdose, your body will eject it before you get to that.

The reason why I mention to stay away from kratom extracts/ enhanced leaves is for the simple fact that they will render normal leaves useless in the kratom effects department.

If you follow kratombible and our dosing guides and recommended vendor than “kratom dangers” will elude you


Kratom Side Effects


It is all well and good to say that there are no kratom dangers persay, but what can happen if you take too much kratom?

For one you will “overdose” or as much as the plant will let you. I have written a post about Kratom Overdose that you may want to look over. (all links will be at the bottom of the page)

Other than the “overdose” that may incur however, you may feel some of the following side effects after a high dosage of kratom use.

  1. Constipation
  2. Nausea
  3. Vomitting (usually at overdose)
  4. Lethargy
  5. Dizziness
  6. Headache (Usually at overdose

These are the side effects that I have personally felt with the plant. You should not however that I only take about 10-15 grams of kratom per day and that is considered a pretty low daily dosage.

Some people need to use more of the kratom powder since they have been using it longer and there bodies have gotten use to it, however, if you are new, make sure to follow Kratombibles dosage guide.

Taking to much however, would definitely promote bad side effects to occur as we should never over due anything. Unfortunately most of the people in this world are very greedy with EVERYTHING, this is why diabetes is such a major problem. Sugar is great, and addictive, and its a lot more dangerous than kratom.

Unfortunaelty no one will ever ban sugar. My obese past self wish they would cause god knows being a fat kid in high school is no fun.



Following the guidelines set out to you here at kratombible, you will be able to fend off kratom dangers, and kratom side effects. Although everyone is different sometimes people state that they felt dizzy and lethargy after using kratom their first time. (this is a symptom of too much kratom by the way)

Buying kratom from reputable vendors is also a major point in making sure you steer clear of kratom dangers. We do not always know who or where are kratom is coming from so it is a note worthy thing to learn about the vendor you are buying from. View Buy Kratom 

Making sure you are living a healthy kratom lifestyle is important for your well being, also it will help prove to people that kratom dangers is a myth and should be known more as kratom side effects. Although side effects is also negative, kratoms side effects are far from being life threatening, which is what I would classify, Danger!


View the following posts for a nice tour of




14 Responses

  1. Cheryl says:

    I’m taking my chances or else wear a diaper to bed. Last dose red kratom was 1/4 tsp with pineapple juice hour ago

  2. Cheryl says:

    Can I take Imodium also? I stopped oxycodone 5 days ago, 20 to 25 mg rapid release daily was my dosage. Help

  3. JessyV says:

    Hey Al,

    I tend to take approximately 15 grams a day when I am feeling extra down or unmotivated. I tend to be around 10-13 grams however on a normal day.

    I usually wake up, take about 4 grams. Than after my second meal (approx 4-5 hours after first dose) I will take another 4-5 grams. I tend to take less during the night. This is when the 15 grams come into play. If i take some at night I will hit around 15 sometimes maybe 20 but I usually tend to not take it at night.

    However things do change.. hope this helps answer your questions and shed some light on what you should be doing.

    Have a great day.



  4. AL says:

    Jessy, on average how many grams of kratom do you use a day??? And how is that dosage spread out??

  5. JessyV says:

    Hey Chuck

    I do not personally have any history with hardcore prescription drugs.

    The best thing that I can suggest on this topic would be the following. (To take or leave at your own judgement on this)

    1. Cut the dose of the drug you want to stop (oxycodone)

    2. Add kratom (refer to Kratom dosage guide , and also Kratom guide for beginners For more details ) take one gram (one teaspoon 1/4 way full) and dose on fairly empty stomachs (one hour of no food will do)

    3. Wait 30-45 minutes and assess how you feel, if nothing. Add half a gram of kratom every 30-45 minutes until you feel mellow.

    4. After one hour and a half you may dose more (half of what you ended up dosing until you found your sweet spot)


    DAY 1
    you dose 18 mg of oxy
    One hour after breakfast dose one gram of kratom
    Wait 45 mins. If nothing dose half a gram (let’s say you feel it at 1.5 grams STOP)
    1.5 hours later dose 750 mg to start and go from there.

    DAY 2
    17 mg of oxy
    One hour after breakfast dose 1.5 g of kratom
    Wait 45 mins. If nothing dose half a gram (let’s say you feel it at 2 grams STOP)
    1.5 hours later dose 1 g to start and go from there

    Hopefully this gives you a good idea of what to do and how you can go about it.

    The rule of thumb to take is to taper off of oxy while adding kratom. It is totally up to you if you want to try only kratom one day with no oxy but I would suggest finding your sweet spot.

    You will need to take slot more than 2 grams because of your dependancy on opiates however.

    The guides I provided up there should give you an idea of how to dose (but you will need to start higher)

    Also keep in mind that what you are needing as well is a Red vein kratom strain.

    Hope this helps.



  6. Chuck says:

    Is Kratom enough to come off oxycodone 20mg instant relief or should you wean and mix?

  7. JessyV says:

    I believe you can try it just do not abuse it, it is not as powerful of an effect as drugs or alcohol but you will notice it… I find it helps me stay away from harder drugs and alcohol. Also it should be noted that recovering heroin addicts tend to use kratom and it acts as a suppressor on the receptors that are “fiending” for more heroin so that your addiction is killed… ]]

    However I am not a doctor so maybe if you are worried consult a doctor but I do not think there would be a problem trying kratom, just don’t abuse it…..that methods aren’t that nice to take but the feeling is great so the habit forming can only be done once you get use to the taste (which took me like 8 months literally )

  8. Linda says:

    Thanks for all your videos. These have really help me.

  9. brian says:

    Great stuff here this is so very interesting never looked at it that way thanks for sharing I love your website.

  10. Lynne says:

    That is something I was curious about after I read your other posts about Kratom. Do you think there is a chance of it becoming addictive? I am a recovering alcoholic and addict, so I am very wary of anything that can be mood or mind altering and also habit forming.

  11. Jeffrey Spencer says:

    Great post. I learned a lot about kratom.. Never have tried it. Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing the information. Best wishes Jeffrey

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