Kratom and Anxiety – Have no Fear, Kratom is here

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  1. Gary says:

    The simple takeaway here is that supplements such as magnesium malate and adequate dietary magnesium intake may likely help magnify the effects of Kratom. This may allow for a lower minimal effective dose, thus lessening the chances of developing a dependency. The most common side effect of taking too much magnesium is simply loose stools and diarrhea—and both dissipate quickly upon cessation. One very intriguing consideration is that the anti-diarrheal effects of Kratom might actually increase tolerable doses of magnesium—or at least mitigate the symptoms.

  2. JessyV says:

    Trying different vendors could help you, everyone is different with people so trying different ones is usually what people do. I will be adding another vendor here on Kratombible hopefully sooner rather than later.

    Other than that, using more would be the only thing to do, be aware that too much could make you feel sick. But from what your saying, you don’t seem to be taking enough, and no theres no placebo effect loll

  3. Sue says:

    Still hasn’t worked for me for easily anxiety. Tried various dosages of Maeng Da, green and red but have not noticed any benefits yet. Maybe I’ll try mx strains and see how that goes. Do you need to believe that kratom will work for you for it to have an effect (placebo effect). I had big hopes for kratom so I’m kind of disappointed so far. Any suggestions would be appreciated….. 😉

  4. JessyV says:

    It is nice to order a couple of different strains at a time so that you may assess which one you like best. Also its better to take a different strain to allow a break.

    I would order smaller amount of different strains.

  5. Bruce says:

    Nice website and good info. I’m ready to order kratom for the first time but not sure if I should purchase small amounts of several different types or not? Mostly want it to help with anxiety/depression etc. Thanks for any info

  6. JessyV says:

    I found with rotating at LEAST 4 strains I was able to keep my tolerance to a minimum…This is CRUCIAL

  7. KratomBoss says:

    Speaking from experience Kratom can definitely help with anxiety. It just like anything makes you build a tolerance and you end up having to take more and more :(

  8. JessyV says:

    No problem, and yes exactly what you felt was kratom effects, until your body was like wait what the hell is this haha…

    introduce it nicely and it will reward you nicely….and yes bali is more potent, if you have pleasant green hippo or magic hippo , try low doses of those and see how they go….

    Always nice to have at least 4 strains on hand since you should rotate them everyday so that you do not build tolerance.

    Good luck, take care!

  9. Maximus Proximo says:

    Thanks Jessy…Ill keep trying to find that sweet spot. Everything but Benzos have always failed me…..herbal supplements were weak compared to Xanax….but I didn’t want to get hooked on a prescription drug….. I felt glimpses of anxiety freedom while on Bali but the other side effects disturbed me, but maybe a lower dose will do…I hope so…Phenibut is beautiful but I cant take it everyday or I’ll pay for it in withdrawals. I feel like Kratom is the real deal, I’ll keep you updated and ask you questions as needed. Thanks for replying so quickly!

  10. JessyV says:

    Hey Maximus

    Personally for my girlfriend and I we always find Bali to be very potent (hence needing less)

    What you experienced was a slight overdose of kratom view the kratom overdose section as well as introducing your body to kratom.

    If you did only take a gram than your obviously needing less for the effect. Try halving it for the next attempt

    They all pretty much kill anxiety. (Slow being better) unfortunaly you need a process for your body to get use to it.

    Don’t worry. Keep your doses in check and you will find your sweet spot and you will than know why I love it so much

    I too had bad first impressions on kratom. And only expreriemced what you said here one time. So don’t worry and try less !!!

    Hope this helps Maximus !

  11. Maximus Proximo says:

    Jessy….. I took some bali powder this week and felt it in my head after about 5 minutes, then I was euphoric for about an hour then got the shakes and wound up drowsy. I have bad anxiety at times and this probably was what I didn’t need. mentioned it before about a slow strain, which of all Kratom powders is the best for anxiety without getting shakes? Thanks

  12. K says:

    I’d never hear of Kratom until I read your post. In this day and age many people are experiencing anxiety. It’s good to know there is something that can help ease the symptoms of anxiety and apparently kratom can do that. Thanks for a helpful post!

  13. Esteban says:

    I’ve never even heard of kratom. But now I know what powers it has. I don’t often have anxiety but I do tend to get it occasionally. Maybe I need to start getting involved with kratom!
    Thanks for showing me this!

  14. JessyV says:

    give it a try you have nothing to lose, and maybe everything to gain!!!!

    I personally don’t take medication and kratom has DRAMTICALLY helped me..i can’t imagine someone suffering from side effects from drugs.

    give it a try, see how you feel, talk to your doctor BUT (a lot like to stick to drugs) make sure that you can take kratom with your medication at the moment.

    kratom is a mu0 opiod (see what is kratom) and its alkaloids may hit same receptors as your medication and you may get bad side effects.

    Although if you are serious, I would try weening off of the medication slowly until you are at half the dose you usually take and add a SMALL amount of kratom…maybe .5 grams…. you may not feel it but this is just for introduction purposes (see introducing your body to kratom)

    once you are completely off of the medication see the kratom dosage guide….also make sure to ask questions here if you have more…

    thanks :)

  15. JessyV says:

    hey steph thanks for your interest

    kratom has been around since the earth loll 😛 it is a plant that was chewed on back in the middle ages by south asian natives such as thailand, malaysia, borneo and bali.

    as for the ingredients…again, it is kratom….make sure to check out the “what is kratom” section//

    and yes unfortunatly the way the system is set up is to make ALOT of money on drugs….legal drugs (prescription drugs)

  16. Steph says:

    I have never heard of Kratom before but I am pretty sure I suffer from short term anxiety because of all the symptoms I experience. Thank you for your information article. How long has Kratom been around? What are the ingredients of Kratom?

    I look forward to checking out your other articles. I like the idea of a natural remedy as opposed to the harsh prescription medications mainstream doctors push on their patients.

  17. Lureita Worth says:

    Great article. I am seeing more and more talk about Kratom. I am on a lot of medications, which I do not like. I am thinking of looking into some of these methods to replace some of my medication and see if it helps. Thanks for the info.

  18. Jason says:

    I had no idea what Kratom was!

    This site really made it easy to understand

    Also with today’s fast paced society there is a lot of folks dealing with anxiety and stress, good to know there are harmless methods for dealing with such a fast paced society. I will be selecting the vendor you have posted to see more options.


  19. Carly says:

    Great article, I’ve personally seen some amazing benefits with kratom. Anyone interested in natural medicine should definitely check out the ebook “10 super herbs that will change your life forever”. You can download it for free here: I tried a few of the herbs from that book and my life has changed completely :)

  20. daniella says:

    Hi Jessyv,

    I really like your website!
    Well I did not know anything about Kratom, I should try it. Yes I am an anxious person by nature .
    I usually drink a lot of chamomile, but I am definitely going to try this Kratom.
    Thank you for this awesome blog

  21. Marc says:

    Hey Jessy.

    Thanks for the info. Your article is very informative!

    It is amazing how people in general (Myself included) just assume that all products with the same name are made equal.

    Makes me wonder what I have been putting into my body.

    Appreciate your input!


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