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This page is an introduction to myself Jessy Vigneault, as well as the goal of the kratombible.com.

I am 24 years old and I am originally from Gaspe Quebec Canada. I am currently a medical equipments driver for a pharmaceutical company here in Hamilton Ontario.

I have found that kratom has helped me in my everyday life. This site is the compilation of the effects and benefits that kratom has given me over the time that I have taken it.

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Owner of KratomBible ; Jessy Vigneault

I have created this website to inform people on the benefits of the leaf known as kratom. I blog about all my experiences with the recommended vendor strain.

This site will give you the complete knowledge that you need when facing a new strain or a new problem.

Kratom helps in so many different ways and my intentions are to bring these to light with the kratombible.com to those whom have never heard the plant and to those who have mistreated the use of the plant and have disregarded it for further tries.

This is a trial and error process you must find your “sweet spot” and I explain in detail how I did just that.

Also at kratombible.com the goal is to be the place where you find all of your GOOD research on kratom and avoid the negative way that kratom is being promoted in the world.

Because of these mis guided promotions, a lot of people are looking down on kratom hence giving it a bad name. The last thing that is needed with a plant like this is for it to be confused with a teenager trying to get a high because he is experimenting.

Kratom should not be taken to produce legal highs, it is taken to benefit you in your life and catapult yourself towards results!

The main reason that I was curious about kratom was the fact that it boosted your motivation to do things that you kept putting off.

I noticed on many blog sites (positive ones) that kratom had significantly helped them in going forward in life, weather it was studying in school with the massive concentration that it provides, or used for creativity for mind blowing ideas.

This is what has attracted me to kratom and this is the main benefit that I use it for. It makes me concentrate and most importantly follow through with goals that I have set forth.

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