White Vein Kratom Review – Botanical Kratom

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3 Responses

  1. mary says:

    Just to let you know, adderall has ampethamine and most definitely not METHamphethamine.

  2. JessyV says:

    Hey Steve,

    It is no secret that vendors vary and that some vendors care more about business, than the customer. With this being said I am sure that every kratom company is not trying to hurt anyone and simply trying to do their best. Botanical Kratom is more experienced in the sense that they have been around for a long time so they know exactly what it means to sell high grade SAFE kratom.

    The customer service is so crucial because if anything goes wrong you can simply call them up and work out a solution over the phone, which we all agree is a lot better to talk to someone than receiving emails. Emails are great but having the personal touch of speaking is amazing.

    I say that there kratom is BETTER than their customer service, I am confident that you will love them and will buy again. It is cheaper than other vendors and with added 10% CANADIAN discount when using code “kratombible” at check out you will go lower than some wholesalers (an I am not talking about pop up vendors that will sell kilos for 60$, its all very low grade kratom as I have tried many)

    As for the shipping, that does suck I agree, the best thing I could recommend is talk to them about an expressed shipping method or just be sure to order when your tins are half full so that you do not run out.

    I am very anxious to hear how you enjoyed the kratom and which one will be your favourite.

    I can’t seem to stick to one favourite!!! I feel like I’m lying to you guys sometimes just because of the fact that there all my favourites now haha..

    Take care Steve!

    ps be sure to subscribe to youtube, like Facebook and instagram to enter to win 6 free ounces!!!! comment kratom on at Facebook.com/kratombible when it is done



  3. Steve says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the information on kratom. I’am fairly new to this plant and tried it a handful of times from different vendors. It was hit or miss with these vendors and the consistency was a big problem. I deal with chronic pain and I’m looking forward to trying botanical kratom. All I hear is great things from them including your video’s. I spoke with there customer service and your not kidding. This was by far the best customer service I ever encountered in dealing with kratom. And if there kratom is as good as there customer service they will be my go to from now on. The only downside is it takes about 8 to 9 days to get to where I’m located (PA) which stinks. I’ll be sure to let you know how it is once I receive the product.

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