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  1. JessyV says:

    Hey Hector,

    I hear a lot of americans that come here saying that hahaha. I work with an american and he loves Canada, he has a dual citizen ship (WHIC I WANT HAHA) but also see a lot of Pure Americans Hate canada hahah or at least make fun of it.

    I agree with you on cigarettes man, I have always mixed my bud with cigarettes so I am sure that the nicotine in my bud definitely doesn’t help when coming to quit. Last time I quit weed (I didn’t smoke cigarettes) I started smoking again. Than pops, and gahhh mad vicious cycle with always needing smoke in my lungs.

    Kratom helps but the nicotine is strong with this one haha.

    And for sure will definitely keep in touch man. Like my Facebook page and we can keep in touch there as well. Its



  2. HECTOR says:

    Hey Jessy,

    Lol.. I thought f**kit he seems cool let me be real with him. Yea I’m in Toronto, was born in Ny raised in Detroit and now live in the best country in the world. I heard of poppers but its not for me since i gave up the cigs. they stink to me now and i want nothing to do with them. As for the bud i don’t like nothing distroyin the bud taste esp. cigz f**k that. lol.

    Yea I’m going to up my dose tonight to 2.5 g. and maybe go to 3 g. since i woke up today feeling pretty good. No hang over feeling as you said. Yea i gotta learn the technic of strain rotating so i can always enjoy this new plant in my life. keep in touch man you seem mad cool. Nice to meet cool peeps and surround your self with positive friends. Will be checking out more of the site as time goes by. You’ll hear from me again for sure cause I’m like a rash that doesn’t go away. lol I’m going to try not to ever go to high with the dose so i dont get no withdrawal symptoms. stay up and in touch brother.



  3. JessyV says:

    Hello Hector

    You are making me laugh hahaha that is hilarious about the chile part. Kratom in the beginning will do that, just add some finer to your diet or even a fiver supplement from any health store. This does pass though, today I do not get constipated from kratom.

    I guess we are different in the sense of smoking, I however smoke what we here in ontario call “poppers” which are extremely addictive in and of themselves. At the end of the day, it is a mental addiction and not physical as when I stopped I didn’t feel any pain in my body, did not vomit, get a cold etc etc,

    As for kratom people who take strong extracts and high doses of enhanced leaves will report mild cold like feeling when not using for 4 days but following the guide I have set up here at kratombible (its all based on what I do) you will never get withdrawal and if you are not addicted to bud, will probably never get addicted to kratom. Since I would consider myself addicted to marijuana but not to kratom, not by a long shot.

    Great to hear that it worked out for you. I would definitely suggest buying more than one strain to rotate meaning one different strain everyday (make sure to use the maeng da spaced from the green veins for best effect) and this way your tolerance will stay at bay. After about a year of taking it you might want to buy some RED stem and veins. This allows a reset, as you read in the “kratom tolerance” post.

    Hope this helps and go get some fiber hahah take care.



  4. Hector says:

    Hey Jessy,

    Holy now thats top speed reply. lol.. something told me to come back and check lol.. I smoke and vape bud but I can’t say i ever got addicted to it. I love bud but can live with out it as I have b4 but its not killing me so its way better than drinking das fo sho. Thats cool that kratom like bud’ helps so many people with medical problems.

    I just now finished ordering from the Botanical KRatom site. I went in for the 168g package and used kratombible code. “by the way thanks for that. So should I also get the green too so that I can rotate? If that makes any sense. Im a lil buzzed right now lol . was laughing my ass off to “fear and loathing in Vegas’’ I worked tonight pretty hard and i gotta tell you the kratom sure help the back pain a lot. I mean it is noticeably less than usual. i took the 2 grams as you told me and I’m really relaxed state but not sleepy. I think i should wait. i drank it with some ginger and mint tea. Oh by the way my brother, does the constipation go away or is it part of the plants side effect? also helps with gas like a m**ther F**ker though. Had some home made chile and was lighting up the night and the Kratom killed that noise. lmfao…



  5. JessyV says:

    Hey Hector

    Than you will love this speed hahahah I m currently working on the site and noticed your comment so yea thats no problem at all man. Everybody starts somewhere. I will invite you to check out this link Taking Kratom Everyday And also These will give you an idea and for the record I have recently met an individual that his entire family uses kratom (he’s 30+ and his mother uses all the time) has been using for over 10 years and is not addicted, just needs for pain.

    I understand COMPLETELY where you are coming from as I too was scared to get into something new and add to my marijuana addiction, but kratom is different, unless, like weed takes years (Im 25 and started smoking weed at 13 :( ) however kratom I have been using for a year and a half and Frequently am able to stop my doses. For example this entire week I went without kratom (just using Stem and vein) to reset my tolerance level … View also Kratom Tolerance and I cannot wait to start up again tomorrow with fresh receptors.

    On the contrary to a hangover I have reported a lot of people saying that they feel amazing the next day. I gave 5 grams to my neighbour to take 2.5 grams at night of red vein and he told me he hadn’t slept that great in years and when he woke up he felt rejuvenated. Note he has back pain so the soothing sensation of kratom probably helped him get a complete nights rest which translated into energy.

    I personally however have woken up feeling great when I take it later in the evening (I don’t tend to since its better to take on an empty stomach and Im usually eating at night, at this time anyway, when I take it at night, I don’t eat, which is GREAT for weight loss btw)

    Happy Hippo has always been reputable in my past experience and is why it is on, I am sure there was a misunderstanding at one point in time with that said customer and happy hippo. Unlike Botanical KRatom, happy hippo is a smaller organization and with small operations (start ups) there can be some mistakes. I believe she states that everything was resolved in the end. They have great kratom but its states and american dollars are high, plus shipping . Although I always like to carry some magic hippo around (red sundanese strain) which has an AMAZING euphoric effect, but botanical kratoms red vein is nothing less than astounding as well so it really is hard to compare.

    IF you rather not pay a lot than I definetly recommend botanical kratom as you get a discount through kratombible, click this link here and it should automatically add it Botanical Kratom Shop or any botanical kratom on the site when your ready.

    No problem Hector, glad to help, and hopefully things get going soon for you as your kratom “iq” is going up, and as for my channel, I am getting better with it and adding more and more “professional” (trying) made content so make sure to stay tuned for those as well.

    Hopefully this elaborates more on your topic and gives you more perspective on the topic.



  6. Hector says:

    Hey Jessy,

    Thanks for your quick response brother. Its kinda crazy isn’t it how you say that more makes you feel more relax and less bounces you up. I only started the 1 gram because I fear addiction to something else while trying to get off another. Its the fact that I keep reading on some folks that say they ended up addicted to the kratom. So I’m like oh damn I don’t want to be addicted no more to anything. How long have you been using kratom and can I use it everyday or should is there a limit to the use? yea i think I’m going to try upping to 2 Grams but if i use more will I feel a Hang over feeling in the morning? Forgive my ignorance I don’t want to be a pain in the ass with Qs. I like your vids you are very informative. Is this company here in Canada or the U.S. ? I was going to try the happy hippo but some one was talking about them scamming off her credit card I was like “SLAM ON THE BRAKES” lol.. Organic on everything brother. Thanks again Bro for Helping me into the Kratom world.

    Best Regards


  7. JessyV says:

    Hey Hector

    Glad to see you have decided to change your addictions that have been causing problems for 9 years!! You are off to a great start using RED to help with withdrawals. However, if you are using organic kratom then there is no worried of impurities being in the powder. Botanical KRatoms leaves are all organic so buying from them will give you peace of mind.

    Also you are wrong about one thing (not a big deal tho) you say you are scared to up the dose to stay awake. Kratom give you energy at low doses and sedation at high doses.

    So you took a small dose and this is why you are feeling like this. I cannot tell you exactly how much to take but I usually tell people who are beginning to try 2 grams than assess after 30-45 minutes how you feel, if nothing, dose half grams every 30 mins to get to your sweet spot.

    This is no doubt because you were on the low dose of the plant and this is why you were not able to sleep. Next time, start with 2 grams and see what happens.

    Hopefully this gives you some thoughts on how you can go about your next dosing session.



  8. HECTOR says:

    hey Jessy,

    I just started taking kratom to help me with anxiety ,back pain and insomnia. I found that I take the Kratom 1gm and i stay so damn alert that the night passes me by and when the day break is kicking it i am still wide awake. I am trying to stay away from the diazepam cause I been taking it for too many years for my anxiety and insomnia. (9 years to be exact) So i was interested in a healthy way out and chose to try Kratom. I bought the red Kratom cause i heard this was the best one for my situation but I am not sleeping. Also i read some blogs of people using alcohol to mix the kratom into to release more of the alkaloids out of the plant and kill off parasites that might have been mixed into the powder. Again i am new to this so I probably have no idea what the hell I am talking about. I am scared to up the dose cause if one gram keeps me awake than I’m sure more will keep me like a crack head up for days. lol..

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