Share The Knowledge of Kratom

What Is This Burning Kratom?


Burning Kratom is just a term that is used by all vendors. Burning kratom is taking kratom by any method you choose. Toss and wash, mix with drink, kratom tea.


What Is The Aroma?

The Aroma again is something you will see vendors use to describe the effect. “A stimulating aroma” just means the strain has stimulating “effects”

Can I smoke Kratom?

It is possible, however I strongly suggest against it. I have never personally tried it, it would probably be very harsh on the throat and taste terrible. Also you would need to smoke a lot to get any effect. I have never attempted to smoke kratom. The smoke would probably be very harsh considering the taste of the leaf. Also to smoke kratom would look a lot more suspicious than dosing a different way.


How do I buy Kratom from recommended vendor

By clicking on any of the strains that appear on the side bar to your right you will be redirected to the recommended vendor Happy Hippo. Once there it will be a lot easier for you to create an account (It takes 2 minutes) this will let you keep track of your order and have order history so you know what you ordered last time, after you will pick your strains by adding them to cart.

Once you have selected your strains and are complete with your order you will hit checkout. Than landed here you will fill in all the required fields. When you arrive to payment method you will have the option of paying with Dwolla (USA only), Paypal(other) , your bank account or your credit card. Once completed hit send and your order is finished. You can also ask for express shipping by emailing Happy Hippo and they will get back to you extremely quickly.