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When going about Buying Kratom there are some things that you have to take into consideration to make sure that you are not buying bunk stuff (trust me there is a lot of lower grade stuff that can pass off as high grade)

View Kratom Everyday for a Guide on Using this Daily.

When I started my kratom journey I was introduced to the plant in a very negative way. I had no idea what kratom was and listened to the “expert” selling it to me.

Note* KratomBible Introduces Botanical Kratom at end of text, make sure to view.

I went to a head shop for some bong supplies (if you follow me you know I was addicted to Marijuana pre Kratom) and noticed that there was a weird looking package and enquire about it and eventually bought it.

The worst kratom in the world was taken on my first every try (NOT RECOMMENDED) and it was from a head shop.

Looking back it was probably 3 years old, which “poisons” the alkaloids making you sick.

This is the reason why I recommend you buy your kratom from a KRATOM BASED COMPANY, not a head shop that happens to carry kratom, they have 0 education, and this is WRONG!


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I personally Buy Kratom strictly online and never go buy from local headshops.

I make sure to do my research on a vendor and notice to see if they have reviews and to sample their kratom to see which ones work and which one don’t (unfortunately you DO have to spend some money on trying them) luckily you have found

I have done the trials for you.

Although your body is completely different than mine, it can give you a guide line at least of where to go as far as fresh organic pure potent kratom is.

I have been taking kratom for a while now and I make sure to always have enough good kratom on hand before exploring.

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What is the Difference in Buying Kratom?


There is sadly a huge difference when it comes to buy kratom. Although this is a plant from mother nature, it is not always grown right by man.

I am sure when kratom was in its natural state before ever being discovered by humans it was an amazingly high alkaloid content within the leaf.

With the industrialization of kratom, it is sadly a fact that a lot of people will try to profit off of you by selling you something green with the name kratom.

OK I cannot be certain that when you buy bunk kratom that it will not be kratom, but I do know that when you buy kratom from trustable vendors (like the one at kratombible) you will notice the difference RIGHT AWAY between Great Kratom, and Bunk Kratom.


Isn’t Kratom a Tree that Grows Naturally Though?


It indeed is, but like I previously stated, a lot of people (ESPECIALLY INDONESIANS) are seeing a high profit vision of selling kratom. For more on What Kratom is click here.

The only problem with this is that I have tried 4 different indonesian “Pop up Vendors” and never have I had anything CLOSE to feeling a kratom effect that compares to the recommended vendor.

This brings me to believe that either the grower is not informed enough to bring out the maximum alkaloid content.


He is simply to much in a rush to make a profit and harvests the leaf to early in hopes of selling it asap.

Of course with the masses starting to want kratom, industries are forced to meet quotas, weather or not the plant is ready or not.

That is why I believe strongly in buying kratom at a reputable based kratom vendor (north america is usually preferred as we have a lot of equipment to test inconsistencies within the powder)


What do I look for when I Buy Kratom?


We want to naturally be putting something organic and safe inside of our bodies. This is why we created kratombible, to bring information to people who need a change and are not sure where or how to go about it.

AT kratombible you have no worries of buying and bunk kratom as the Recommend Vendor has done their research in where to buy the plant.

Not only that, but they in fact have all the necessary equipment to make sure that what you are ingesting is actually Kratom and also SAFE.

Note* It is extremely important to ingest things that are safe, especially when we have media and government officials looking into kratom.

The main things that I look for are:





*Note they are no Longer using Capsules for the time being however You can purchase their new Capsule Maker to Create your own! *


I will go into detail a tiny bit as to why these main points are very important.

Kratom Extracts – If you are new to kratom and are not trying to add an addiction to your life or drive your tolerance sky high, than you should without a doubt STAY AWAY FROM EXTRACTS OR ENHANCED LEAF.

These will mimic Opium highs, this can be beneficial for people for a condensed amount of time.

However if you wish to have kratom available to help you than you want to keep your tolerance at a complete minimum.

See the post on tolerance

Crazy Promotion Techniques – This plant is becoming more and more popular.

With this popularity, kratom has gotten some bad press lately from the government.

Kratom is being “watched” to see if it is a drug or a herbal medicine.

In Canada, it has to be regulated by vendors.

If you are buying from people promoting this plant as a legal drug, and tell you this is a legal high (They definitely sell extracts) you are supporting the kratom bans

This plant has changed my life and it does not need to be sold as a high, theres so many benefits to this plant!

I go into a lot of detail throughout my youtube channel on these topics.

Interacting with the Company – Customer service in my opinion is a great way to measure a company’s client priority.

If you are waiting two- three days for a simple an answer, for me, this is too long.

I have not had this problem with any kratom vendor that I have bought from so far but is a very good thing to have. 

This is a main reason WHY I DO NOT buy directly from indonesia, the ultra grade kratom is locked into the main vendors and most “pop up vendors” are trying to make a quick buck.

Note* – All Prices are in CANADIAN DOLLARS at Botanical Kratom, meaning if your currency is worth more than ours, your in for some MAJOR SAVINGS for Excellent Grade Kratom

Recommended Vendors

As grows and will continue to grow over the years, companies like Botanical Kratom will help keep the growth going.

They Ship worldwide and have great customer service, as you saw in the video above, theres huge savings that await you when choosing this vendor.

The main advantage with Botanical Kratom is not only the amazing quality of Kratom or the great Customer service but also all pricing is in Canadian Dollars. has gone one step further and has been able to secure a few extra advantages for botanical organic kratomour readers.
1. Priority fulfillment. This ensures when using our code your order is always marked as priority and moved to the top of the fulfillment list.
2. By using the code “kratombible” you and your friends and family receive 10% off your order amount for life… Yes you read that correct for life! this code never expires and you can share it with all your friends and loved ones.
3. Upgrade to express delivery at no extra cost!! (Most places offers next day delivery) has also secured monthly give away’s with Botanical Kratom as a way to say thank you to all of you for being such loyal readers of

KratomBible Tested and Approved

I am always trying to ensure to provide you with up to date information about Kratom in Canada and world wide.
Note that when a vendor comes onto kratombible, I have tested and made sure that this company deserves to be on kratombible, and to share it with you.
Thats why I am so proud to welcome a socially responsible company like Botanical Kratom.
 If you are from Canada, you may want to try these guys out for a couple of reasons.
  •  Reputable Organic and Potent Kratom
  • The Dollar amount is the same, no exchange rate horror stories.
  • Faster Shipping
  • No Custom fees (which there tend to be)

If you are from America than your exchance rate is higher than Canada’s essentially letting you profit in savings.

Click Here for the  “USD to CAD” converter.

This will allow you to put in your dollar amount and it will convert your USD (United States Dollars) into CAD (Canadian Dollars) and you will notice the HUGE SAVINGS!

Also feel free to contact me personally at jessyv@kratombible

21 Responses

  1. Giovanni says:

    Can you fail a drug test from it and does it get you at all high and what does it taste like

  2. Giovanni says:

    Do you get a high off it and does it make you fail a drug test

  3. Kip says:

    Hey, I hope this hasnt been asked (and Ive missed it) and that this thread is monitored regularly.

    Ive enjoyed reading thru your website for the last hour… But I haven’t figured out is –a definitive answer to “which kind” of Kratom is actually the best for the Opiate withdrawals.

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

  4. Monica says:

    Wow! Looks like I can put my hand on the kratombible and swear on it. You fly!

  5. Amanda Ellis says:

    Hi Jesse, just heard of kratom, just found your site as well. I would like to send you an email but the email listed doesn’t seem to show as fails in my yahoo when trying to send it. Am I missing something?

  6. Pamela Macina says:

    Hi Jessy,
    This is all so new to me. I have never paid for anything other than usd so I guess I don’t understan how it works. How does my credit card company know not to pay the Canadian dollar amount?
    Thanks for your help,

  7. JessyV says:

    Great to Hear Laura. Hearing things like this so long after I have created kratombible is a truly great feeling… Amazing how kratom, a simple plant, can help so many people SO much

  8. Laura says:

    Hey Jesse, I was so happy to find out about Kratom Bible. Let me tell you, I have been on Suboxone for 3 years. Well it was time for me to take my life back. I have been through Suboxone withdrawal before and it was absolute torture, so I stayed on it. Enter Kratom. The day that withdrawal started, I took 9 grams of Kratom. I just toss and wash. I have felt so good that I forgot that I was in withdrawal. I appreciate all of this priceless information. My journey has been a long one, and I am so happy to have something that is helping me get clean without pain or terrible anxiety. I plan on continuing to use Kratom for peace of mind. Again, thank you so so much!’ If you have any questions about how much Kratom has helped me, feel free to get in contact with me.

  9. JessyV says:

    Hey there, Kratombible is solely an information site, you may click the botanical kratom logo and than you can ask them if they ship to you. If kratom is legal in your area, than I do not see the problem with shipping it.

  10. Stanley says:

    Hello Stan here just wondering if you ship to Scotland UK and how I can pay GBP or visa ect.many thanks.??

  11. JessyV says:

    Hey the companies that are on here would have to answer that, I do not know about their shipping arrangements. They can change rather suddenly these days.

    You can always message the respective companies on Kratombible to see what there thoughts on it is.

    Usually, if its legal in your area than they ship.



  12. Ali says:

    DO you deliver to Europe ?

  13. Milos says:

    Hello Jessy,
    Awesome post, thanks for this information, with me not being familiar to much with this, it’s useful and got me interested. Like how you used videos and the products on the sidebar are a nice move, take care.

  14. JessyV says:

    hey man, where do you usually get it from ? just curious since I beliece its considered illegal in new zealand …. maybe you can email them ask them if they can send it to your location ….

    ps make sure not to tell them you consume it as they have strict policies on that… is sold as an incense and “not for human consumption” so msynbe there is a way….let me know

  15. JessyV says:

    I am not sure, best to just order from happy hippo and ship to wherever you will be to receive it…..I would beware of head shops as they can sell bunk kratom (that may be filled with fillers) and be harmful and have the complete opposite effect on the anxiety scale (causing great anxiety)

  16. Lynne says:

    Hi Jessy
    Thanks for all this information, much appreciated. I’m going to check out the list of suppliers when I get some more time. Just out of interest do you know if anyone supplies in South Africa?

  17. Steve says:

    Awesome man! I’ve been looking for a new source for my K and I’m so glad I found your site. Great info! It’s too easy to buy the bad stuff but you’ve made things a lot clearer. I’ll be giving Happy Hippo a go (do they ship to New Zealand??)

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